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1 2400 ship bases of dating, things i like to do when i should be doing something else.

These are completely assembled and hand-painted.

Note also that many of these models represent classes of ships i. Otherwise it would have been painful for the eyes and fingers. From time to time some of their models have moderate seam lines or flash as well as loss of crispness in the details.

Here are the results and I hope you enjoy. Not 24 hours after assembling it I had this.

Still not sure how I want to address the water effects for their little bases though. I talked to them years ago, before VF picked up the licensing, about this range and why it was so expensive. I have mentioned them before and they have some pretty interesting stuff in their product lines.

Before gluing that to the hull, I put the other ongc video conferencing tinder dating site big guns on the hull.

This got me into WW2 naval wargaming in a cheap and brutal way. The deck is one piece, and it has the places where to start gluing everything else. I might even start to play naval battles.

In general, all the products in the VF catalog are well proportioned, crisply cast and well detailed. To give you an example of the size of a particular model in both scales, the model of a battleship which was ' long would be 8" long in 1: GHQ has informed me that my special order replacement parts should be going in the mail today so unfortunately that project will have to be a future post.

I opened a Scharnhorst battlecruiser pack. Most trained on a target for wargaming purposes. I want to do that, but that would be diving in the deep where the sharks with lasers dwell.

The scales mentioned above are 1: This is called "converting" and adds an exciting new dimension to the hobby.

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This is likely due to the age of the molds being used and affects all casting molds eventually. If you are not careful, you will lose one of the small cranes under a fingernail.

Originally these had their flight decks painted flat black. Unless otherwise indicated, all ships appear as they did at some time during World War II. On to the pictures.

There are some spare cranes and guns. Flipping through the Camo book I see the Scharnhorst had a nice camo scheme.

With these tools I went on to the table to build my first little boat. The new frigate models were very clean and crisp with very minor seam lines, on par with any manufacturer anywhere. I now had rules, ships, counters and even reference books, all in front of me.

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I had to do my homework and for this I decided to dive in the deep. So, if all of that lies in the future what is this post about? It would be interesting to find out if they have their own masters here in the U.

There are two of these ships in the collection I bought, so I read a bit and found there were two of these in the Kriegesmarine. I got this basing idea from a site I checked meaning drooled all over when I was considering getting into naval wargaming. The tiny instructions and the strange for me naval terms and in English… I speak freaking Spanish were intimidating.

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If I understand their products correctly they are a licensed manufacturer of Sea Battle miniatures, from Austria, as well as making their own models.

So I went online for some clues and got a nice idea of how the ship actually looks before building it. The catalog numbers are essentially the same.

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Note, however that much modifying was done during the War. I then make a base for the ship in 2mm plasticard. For those with limited space, the 1: And that means I really like this new aspect of the hobby.

I could easily crush the entire German fleet. Currently, I have a collection of a little over ships with another 20 due to arrive any day now. French Navy LaFayette Frigate. These are the rest of the parts. You can see I am giving the impression of battle on the right side of the ship.

First step was to put the four single 5. If you are interested in the ultimate in miniature ships, then the 1: I then put the catapult and little plane on the aft superstructure, and glue that to the hull.

Assembling a 1/2400 WW2 ship.

Next I put the stack and the two big cranes on the hull. The assembly required in putting a kit together is some minor filling, dropping turret stalks thru the deck and crimping, epoxying on cranes, catapults and painting. Click the links to the left to view model descriptions and price lists in a particular scale.

First I put the two small cranes on the fore superstructure. So, if you have any interest in the sea, the sleek ships and great guns that made history in World War II, then you'll want to get started on your fleet now whether your objective is collecting or being a wargame admiral.

Parts Ideal for wargaming and collecting, 1: Sadly, I knew little about naval combat, or even ships. Hinthinthint.

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The seam lines are more pronounced than I would have liked and the area around the flight deck looks like it has lost some detail over the years. Another company that carries Sea Battle in the U.

Then the rest is assembled.

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Many collectors will have four models of IOWA, one to represent each ship and will make the small modifications in other cases, major to faithfully portray each. A word about model size: One was the Scharnhorst, the other one was the Gneisenau. Here you can see the ship in my hand. Navy for recognition training during WWII.