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Greatest data simulations was last modified: It's definitely not fictional, I've seen several episodes.

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GIF is not allowed. Use direct links 9. Thrust vectoring on an F allows for vertical take-off and landing. The "ring" that forms -- looks like how Saturn may have evolved. Then we go to impact, there are equations for whether stuff sticks together or is flung apart based on material, density, impact speed, etc.

Two planets colliding This is a breathtaking simulation of a moon impact and two planets colliding by a professor in university of Colorado Robin, Canup. Red Dwarf showed that they behave much more like billiard balls. Well, this could also be a planet and a celestial body colliding.


If two bodies were to collide, they would not meet the IAU definition of a planet. Enjoy your ride inside a real space station without standing up from your sofa! What software is used for simulations like this? No low-effort submissions That includes quasi reposts, low quality files, and uninteresting content.

Path finding algorithm This is somewhat technical, but still cool simulation: So this is what it's like when worlds collide.

Planet Simulation

401 pbp dating sites know ta lot of the properties of gravity, we can't solve an n-body system but we know what the 2-body system is like. Link to a GIFV video of simulation: Here we gathered some really cool data simulations of the year that shows that Internet really is beautiful.

What's the time compression on that? Crossposts do not count as reposts.

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Rare talents, stunts, extreme human abilities, 1-in-a-million shots, sports highlights. Apparently it was a moon that broke apart due to gravitational forces The relative speed of the objects should be well below escape velocity of their combined mass in order to not have most of the debris just shoot off into space.

Red dwarf is a real TV show. One could very well be a planet that meets the IAU definition, where the other body could be a rogue planet or other body that happens to cross paths.

And this one is a real world tower collapse animated GIF: Planets out of orbit are rogue.

Two planets colliding: one short, but beautiful simulation

I'm not sure how the image is colored, either by temperature, material, or some other property. So each individual piece has its own gravity approximation equations. IIRC this is actually a simulation of the Giant Impact Hypothesiswhere basically the Moon was formed when a Mars-sized protoplanet called Theia collided at a very oblique angle with proto-Earth.

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Red Dwarf is a fictional TV show. You can actually see sort of how this happens in the gif too, just a bit later on. There's one larger piece of debris that kind of looks like a moon, which tears from tidal forces.

Physics simulations are very heavy to compute so the number of small details in this one is impressive.

Simulation of two planets colliding

This is actually a website where you can see in real time how an algorithm is working finding a way through. The resulting debris coalesced in orbit around Earth, forming the Moon.

Yeah, and the cloud of smaller blobs would eventually coalesce into larger and larger blobs if you ran the simulation long enough. Source files and an original movie can be found here: Greatest data simulations By Freyalast updated February 22, There are a lot of interesting things out there on the Internet.

I bet there's some other ones for temperature and the like. One of the theories suggests that Saturn's rings have been formed by moons that got too close to Saturn and were torn apart by its gravity.

Water simulations take generally a lot of resources like processing powers. There is no flair for it. Only certain reposts are allowed Learn more about our repost policy here.

Greatest data simulations 2015

There go the local property values Okay, it's a real TV show depicting fictional events. This is called the 'Roche limit'. I assume it's far from real-time As long we're being educational Namely, they would not meet rule 3: Reposts that aren't allowed may be reported via report button or modmail.

Inconsiderate behavior is not compatible with the relaxed stoner atmosphere of our subreddit. The timescale in the gif is probably only a day or two, while the Moon would have taken months, if not years or decades, to form. I work with similar codes for fluids.

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