Gold Indian Jewellery in London. 18ct and 22ct Bangles, Earrings Gold Indian Jewellery in London. 18ct and 22ct Bangles, Earrings

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Look for the BIS symbol.

Gold Pendants

If you order at PureJewels then we will gift-box the ring for you. You can experience a smooth and safe shopping experience with us while you buy gold pendants online at our store.

Note the purity, the weight etc. And for the same reason, some pendants often hold a special emotional place in our hearts. Once the product arrive, make sure the product has the BIS and has no defects With Chungath jewellers you are in safe hands. We specialise in Indian techniques and necklaces featuring Kundan settings and Filigree gold.

Gold pendants are also easily affordable and thus a great gifting article.

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A simple and elegant pendant hanging from a beautiful chain is as pretty as any diamond necklace could ever be. Visit our spacious London showroom to discover the PureJewels collection of glamorous engagement rings and bridal jewellery. Try it out now.

New Customers

Today PureJewels is an award-winning jeweller with a distinctively Indian style. Indian gold jewellery London Are you planning a proposal this year? Make sure you are buying through a credible website with safe online payments.

You might build up the surprise by planning a special trip or a date — perhaps to a place that was important to you or to her. The rates per grammes for 18k, 22k and 24k are different.

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Does she prefer glowing yellow gold, or contemporary white gold? Also read the return and cancellation process, the procedure in case of a defective product etc.

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Here are some tips for buying gold pendants online for your loved ones. Read the description of the product clearly. Most of our engagement rings are designed in-house and always with a subtle Indian influence.

Find your Tanishq

Observe what type of jewellery your loved one usually wears or prefers. Take her breath away with a PureJewels ring.

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It would be a perfect choice to gift your special someone to celebrate a milestone in your relationship.

Currently very fashionable, Polki uncut diamonds can be found in several of our designs, including this Polki 22ct Gold Necklace. We have been creating and curating our jewellery collections for over 40 years, ever since our Indian founder Bhanji Gokaldas established his studio in London.

Discover our collection of necklaces, which include beautifully designed pendants, bridal necklaces, and traditional Mangalsutra necklaces for married women.

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Buying gold pendants online now is much easier through our online store with a wide range of latest gold pendant designs right. So make sure you are paying the right rate.

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