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He had detailed some police officers to keep things quiet, but these have disappeared without a trace.

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To Groenevelt's confusion, the letter is stamped one and a half years before he was born. And in their film Ash and Money they focus on the phenomenon of political populism.

He does remember an episode from his early youth, when he witnessed a rocket attack in the Second World War. Joined by a group of Amsterdam people, the actors go in search of an alternative way of living.

Over the next few days, Joachim Stiller continues to manifest himself.

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He then receives a letter from Joachim Stiller, in which Stiller announces that the event he witnessed is a portent. Marijnissen spends the night in Groenevelt's apartment, and they are awakened by the sounds of a carillonwhich nobody else seems to hear.

This article does not cite czarownice z eastwick online dating sources. The man smiles, and says: Plot summary[ edit ] The main character in the novel is Freek Groenevelt, a year-old journalist living in Antwerp.

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Artists may not be able to change the world, but they can change the way we look at it. At half past nine, a man comes out of the station, whom Groenevelt recognises as the American soldier from his youth.

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Groenevelt is sceptical at first, but Keldermans seems honest and Groenevelt leaves in a state of confusion. They stage their quest in a new centre of power, a wooden arena built by Dutch architectural agency ZUS.

Moving between reality and fiction, the project explores the process of change. Later, at the police station, it proves impossible to identify the man. They thought that Groenevelt had written the letter himself and saw this as a reason to attack him.

What happened?

Perhaps we should look beyond Western philosophies to build our future. Usually they write their own scripts based on research; occasionally they commission authors to write for them.

On Friday evening, Groenevelt and Marijnissen go to the train station, where they meet Keldermans. Perhaps we will find the leadership we so urgently need outside of our own culture.

At the Holland Festival international artists present a series of performances focusing on current European issues and exploring this changing continent.

When this new leader Xia finally steps forward, there is surprise all around - she turns out to be a nine year-old Chinese girl. In this arena, surrounded by the audience, the six actors conduct their debate, dressed up as philosophers complete with pipes and wigs.

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When he decides to write an article about the event, he is contacted by a member of the Antwerp city council, Mr. More Less Biography Wunderbaum are a Dutch-Flemish actors' collective who create performances dealing with current issues, mainly on location but also in the theatre.

One of the editors, Simone Marijnissen, explains that they have received a letter from, again, Joachim Stiller, asking them not to criticize Groenevelt. Wunderbaum have performed in the Netherlands as well as abroad, including the United States, Iran.

Keldermans's connection with Joachim Stiller is also revealed: Then, the telephone rings, and an unknown person promises: He writes another letter to Marijnissen, and Groenevelt finds a 16th-century book, written by a German theologian from Augsburg called Joachim Stiller.

Major Joachim Stiller, Longwood, Massachusetts. Gradually they realise that it's all very well trying to build a new society from scratch, but very difficult to step outside the existing conceptual framework of one's own cultural history.

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But what is left of the dream of European unity? Adopting various ideas from Western philosophy, from Plato to Kant and Freud, they discuss what our future society should look like, how we should deal with democracy and elections and how we can square our individual interests with the common good.

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Tweet European culture as we know it — from Plato to 3D printing — has become impotent and inward-looking. Groenevelt, now understandably nervous, visits a psychiatrist, but apart from high blood pressurenothing seems to be wrong.

A graphologist determines that Stiller's handwriting is exactly what he would expect from a man "who doesn't exist at all, but could nonetheless write". However absurd this choice might seem at first, it does make one curious, wrote Dutch theatre site Theaterkrant.

Furthermore, a letter from Joachim Stiller has arrived, telling them that he will arrive on Friday evening. As part of the Netherlands' Presidency of the European Union, this spring hundreds of students, professionals and artists will build a self-sustaining community on this site, called FabCity, where they will explore new solutions to current urban issues.

With intellectual curiosity as well as a healthy dose of irony, the Wunderbaum actors try to get to grips with two thousand years of Western philosophy in order to approach the future with an open mind.

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It deals with the coming and death of Joachim Stiller, a messiah -like figure, and has magical-realist elements in it.

On their quest, they try to get to grips with two thousand years of Western philosophy, so they can approach the world of tomorrow with an open mind Wunderbaum creates theatre for the future.

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A film based on the novel was made in Three days later, when Groenevelt and Marijnissen try to visit Stiller's body, it has disappeared. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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The piece will be performed on location at the head of Amsterdam's Java Island. When Groenevelt comes home, Marijnissen tells him she is expecting their child.

See a Problem?

Keldermans explains to Groenevelt that things are happening which he does not understand and make him afraid. More Less Background information At this year's Holland Festival, actors collective Wunderbaum will stage the last ever reprise of their hit performance De komst van Xia The coming of Xiawith a new cast.

Groenevelt and Marijnissen who are fast falling in love with each other visit an art historianwho determines that the letter is thirty-eight years old: Later on, Groenevelt goes to visit the editors of a literary magazine"Atomium", which has published a very critical article about him.

An American soldier was mortally wounded in the attack, and suddenly Groenevelt remembers the GI 's name: