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Underneath the answer area you see 12 letters which you can use to mascara brush flirt the answer.

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So what made this simple word guessing game so addictive? What it does is that it extend the search beyond the published levels. Read on fellow gamers…. When you start the game, the screen will present you with four different pictures related to the word you have to guess.

4 Pics 1 Word

If you make a mistake, tapping on a letter in the answer area will remove that letter and put it back to unused letters in the bottom. Both ways, you will limit the possible answers which should get you on the right track. The cost for each power up is 90 coins.

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Guys, if you are searching for 4 Pics 1 Word answers, this is the ultimate tool. Solutions currently in the database: If you type in the correct answer, you receive a small amount of coins which you can spend for getting help and the next puzzle appears.

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On screen, you see the following 4 hint images: Now you need to try the extended suggestions the ones without the pictures one by one and see which one does fit. Looks good, so you tap d, a, t and e in this order and here you go — just solved your first puzzle!

You know that it happened if: Your next option is to use the Facebook button to post a help request to your timeline and let your friends give you a hand. If you are just starting out or got stuck in a streak of hard puzzles and ran out of coins, you can by more coins for real money.

If you are looking for the easy and fast path, then go check out our Answer guides to find your way: Beneath the four hints you see black spaces for the word you have to guess — this gives you the information, how many letters the word consists of.

4 Pics 1 Word – The Ultimate Answer Tool To All Levels

In any case, before you start trying them, make a screenshot and send it together with the solution you find to 4pics1word androidentity.

Practical example So now have a look on a guessing example see screenshot below.

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The standard search works in And I still remember the buzz that this game created when it was first released. Now you get more suggestions, some of them will not have pictures attached to them.

In some rare occasions you might come across a puzzle that is not coved by the standard search. But you can use other means of communications to get help as well, such as share a screenshot with your friends over MMS, email or various social networks and ask them for help.