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Share Shares Although the Internet is a great place for solving mysteries, it is also the birthplace of many more. Since then, the mystery has only deepened.

Creepy Things in Internet

Cicada Some of these Internet mysteries seem to be cover stories for recruiting incredibly smart people for unknown purposes. No one knows who is behind this, but some believe that they may be 973 eht namuh 973 yahoo dating in a cult.

Reddit Jack Froese Emails Electronic mail has changed the way we communicate and connect with our loved ones, but it still has limits. Both coders and mystery hunters have unsuccessfully tried to break the passwords. The site contains many basic pictures that link to log-in pages.

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When the date came and went without incident, however, the mystery deepened. Valor por Tamaulipas Image: The blank site contains a robot.

About Current Outage

Was this some sort of automated posting done by a dating sim android offline apps coder?

Journalists have been digging relentlessly to find the real identity of the Bitcoin creator, but every lead has been inconclusive. Some have managed to get past the front page, but no one seems to understand the purpose of the website. Who might be out there, siphoning off your data even as you read this?


Thankfully their identity was never uncovered. The site itself remained active.

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Who was behind the original site, or what those horrible phone messages were, no-one can say. Each log-in page requires an unknown code.

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The domain name is believed to be worth a lot of money if it is ever sold. At least one person heard something heavy being dragged across the floor. Others believe that it is just the ramblings of a crazy mathematician.

Or was it all made up? The user has been posting the messages on their own subreddit and has commented in code twice on the board about the A mysterywhich we talk about in the next entry. The only thing we have to go on is a name and a location: These posts still defy any interpretation or decoding, even after three years of activity, but thousands of Redditors watch them, analyze them and attempt to figure out exactly what is happening.

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Believe me there are hundreds of good old fashioned paper leaved notebooks, as opposed to the electronic versions, filled to bursting with scribbled texts and tables, much of it created in coffee shops to save electricity bills, that still requires uploading to the site.

It was also unclear if these postings were made by one person or by several people accessing the account. Prior to October 28, the website contained a countdown with bizarre puzzles and messages that no one could figure out.

Why are half the topics in Russian and inaccessible, that was a system hiccup, whereby at one time we just gave everybody the freedom of the city posting keys, blithely saying contribute at will, and then we were inundated with potentially-pillaging content, so we implemented moderation queues and parked all the unexplained material until we had time to shuffle through it.

Where it goes, nobody knows. We would most certainly not define the site as a Science in itself; although understandably we cover a myriad of scientific subject matter. Go exploring and you might find anything on there.

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Many believe that it is some sort of rapture website because the Mayan calendar predicted that October 28,would be Armageddon. Were they a message? Yet we have no idea who invented them.

Even so, she has never admitted to posting the messages. To this day, no-one knows who was behind it. Although the clock unnerved many people, no one really knew why it was counting down.

This entry is less strange and creepy than it is highly-impressive. Other areas of the site contain hymns from The Egyptian Book of the Dead. The date referenced was one of the proposed ending dates for the Mayan calendar, but when October came and went, the mystery just deepened.

Take Reddit, for instance. Cicadawhich first appeared in January She is constantly fascinated by the mysteries of the world around her.

If he was telling the truth, then we can only assume Titor succeeded.

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The site also contained a strange clock counting down to September 9,at The original website is in essence a vault of incrementally accruing knowledge, perhaps presented from a slightly different angle. The site has been around sincebut it is unknown if the same person has owned it the entire time.

It has to go somewhere. People have reported scary images, overwhelming walls of text. There is only one of these messages still archived at Usenet. Even more eerie, a Google search on the title of this video takes you to coordinates for a forest in Finland.