Everything on practicax.net A Dose of Buckley | Angry humour from an angry man.. Everything on practicax.net A Dose of Buckley | Angry humour from an angry man..

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Both sides ended up too enwrapped in their own ego to talk to each other and the battle ended with nobody caring and tagline examples for dating sites winning. Hey, Hey, Okay, Okay Buckley: Buckley claims that ten Asher Roths exist for every Macklemore and Eminem.

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On Taylor Swift 's " For some reason, these same conspiracy theorists will tell you that THIS is all for sales, and that all of these characters will be restored just in time for their films.

Comparing One Direction to The Beatles?!

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Completely different spelling and everything. Like Drano through hoes?

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Their goal is to convince everyone else to come see a movie about people in weird costumes saving the world from people in weirder costumes, and nothing they do in the comics will be a deterrent to those peopleā€¦ unless they force them to read the comics to understand the movie.

Buckley's bafflement on Bruno Mars catching a grenade.

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Dissecting Juicy J's verse Juicy J: In the autopsy for Omi's "Cheerleader": The audience for the films is NOT the same audience who buys comics.

Seuss in his Emo years. Top 10 Worst Songs of 20XX [ edit ] By far his most popular series, and also by far his worst series.

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Katy takes it in the dumper! The irony in this is that Buckley defends the "big evil companies" in many of his videos and insults the people who mindlessly attack them, because he's smart enough to know that his fans are idiots.

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I'm gonna bet that 99 percent of the people listening to this we're not alive when The Beatles first performed in the USA in Buckley's deviation from his normal "Musical Autopsy" catchphrase at the end: But it's really not. Although it may be a tad horrifying when you stop to think about ithim saying that "beating bitches" gets the Rihanna seal of approval in his review of her song "Bitch Better have my Money" is surprisingly humorous.

Really, this was a stupid thought as no girl would want to get anywhere near him. That means nearly 27 million tickets sold. This has been Musical Autopsy. Boy, you should know what you're falling for.

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Can do limited shit, but you have no money to do fun shit 19 - 70 years: ADoseOfBuckley has many different series', many of which go unnoticed for years, left to rot somewhat like his channel. Buckley, adding further insult to injury fails to acknowledge this and shrugs it off as if he hates his fans, which wouldn't be too farfetched really.

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Musical Autopsy[ edit ] This is the series when Buckley pretends to be a doctor and talks about bad songs, completely unbeknownst to the fact that he is ripping off Todd in the Shadowsexcept he is 10x worse. Buckley stating that trying to get with someone who already has a significant other is like betting on a team that's down by 21 points in the final quarter.

She is always in my corner right there when I want her It's like all the girls around me don't have faces Buckley: Put a mustache on him and he looks like Hitler.

Commercial Parodies[ edit ] This is where Buckley tries to parody a popular commercial brand, while simultaneously failing in every way possible.

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In that list the only person that deserves the title of "scumbag" is the wikipedophile. His autopsy of " Dark Horse ": What's not to love?!?! This is where he whines about recent topics and events, giving his insightful commentary on the situation at hand.

The character of Thor is now a woman, with the original Thor the Odinson deemed unfit to wield his own hammer.

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After hearing Nicki hold a long note, Buckley thought that nothing else was more annoying. Like, tell me the first time you heard there was a song called 'Gucci Gang' by a person named Lil' Pump that you couldn't guess that the chorus would just be the words 'Gucci Gang' mumbled over and over?

After this video, Buckley gained little subscribers, until he started his series "Musical Autopsy" and eventually gained a huge subscriber boost when he made his first "Top 10 Worst Songs of 20XX" list and his channel was thrown onto the limelight.

Lily Allen - the voice of an angel and the mouth of a sailor!

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Now see, this is the point where she's gone fucking nuts. Scumbags of the Internet[ edit ] Buckley gets butthurt about people on the internet and makes videos about them. PastBuckley became more well known and gained serious street cred among the YouTube audience and as such his diarrhea content was spread out to a much wider group of people.

She'll eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer Buckley: When they hit the shores of North America inthey were no better than the boy bands of today, and anyone who disputes that is simply in denial. Instead of displaying the lyrics to the hook, Buckley displays, "See title, repeat several times