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Create a physicochemical property profile for a compound. Web service to predict the probability of a compound being classified as a drug or non-drug, as well as disease category or organ classification DC.

Screening Software MedChem Studio.

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The program is packaged with a number of pre-programmed molecular properties. Human intestinal absorption, aqueous solubility, blood brain barrier penetration, plasma protein binding, CYP2D6 binding, hepatotoxicity, filter sets of small molecules for undesirable function groups based on published SMARTS rules.

The current version of this database compiles approx. PK-Sim enables rapid access to all relevant anatomical and physiological parameters for humans and the most common laboratory animals admet predictor online dating, rat, minipig, dog, and monkey that are contained in the integrated database.

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Predicts metabolic fate of chemicals using other expert knowledge rules in metabloism. Free web service to suggest molecules that aggregate or may aggregate under biochemical assay conditions.

Sepcialists, but also nonexperts in chemoinformatics and computational chemistry can predict admet predictor online dating key parameters for a collecion of molecules to support their medicinal chemistry endeavors. OncoLogic is a structure—activity relationship SAR analysis programs which analyzes the chemical structure of invalidating patents compound of unknown toxicity and predicts its likelihood to be a carcinogen based on comparisons to the structures of compounds with known toxicity, programmed chemical and toxicological expertise.

A database for facilitating the search for drug adverse reaction target. Maintained by the Virtual Computational Chemistry Laboratory. Score a compound for its ability to be GPCR ligand, ion channel modulator, kinase inhibitor, nuclear receptor ligand, protease inhibitor, enzyme inhibitor.

Developed and maintained by Alvaro Cortes Cabrera.

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Currently this database contains protein entries. Database of about haptens that includes common and chemical name of Hapten, molecular mass, physical and chemical properties, biological importance and the structure.

A database for facilitating the search for drug Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion associated proteins. Web server for identifying biomolecular targets of small chemical molecules with robust scoring functions and a divide-and-conquer docking approach. Evaluates the likelihood that a chemical may cause cancer, using SAR analysis, experts decision mimicking and knowledge of how chemicals cause cancer in animals and humans.

It can be used for the identification of metabolites by MS mass values, discovery of metabolically sensitive functionalities and toxicity prediction, and provide information related to the environmental effects of chemicals by bacterial degradation.

This software is proposed by Simulation Plus.

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However, de novo development of a PBPK model, for example, is very cumbersome such that the preferred procedure is to import them from PK-Sim. The database currently houses over toxins described by over 34 synonyms, including pollutants, pesticides, drugs, and food toxins, which are linked to over corresponding toxin target records.

Program to calculate physico-chemical properties of small molecules: The Human Metabolome Database HMDB is a freely available electronic database containing detailed information about small molecule metabolites found in the human body.

WOMBAT-PK contains entries unique SMILEStotaling over 9, clinical pharmacokinetic measurements; it further includes 2, physico-chemical properties; toxicity endpoints, and 2, annotated drug-target bioactivities.

Intermediate values represent intermediate risks: This will allow virtual screening, ranking and selecting compounds from external suppliers before they have to be purchased. The program has an intuitive user interface that allows one to easily manipulate and visualize data.

Rule of 5 only addresses a narrow slice of the full gamut of hurdles a compound must pass before it can become a drug.

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Distributed by Simulation Plus, Inc. These compounds cover most of the range of chemical properties that one would expect to encounter in a pharmacokinetic study. The former contribute nothing to the overall Risk, whereas the latter contribute the full amount weight specified for the corresponding rule.

Computational procedure that predicts metabolic transformations related to cytochrome-mediated reactions in phase I metabolism. The program comes with a number of pre-programmed molecular properties that can be used for filtering.

Provided by the University of Minnesota. ChemProt can assist in the in silico evaluation of small molecules drugs, environmental chemicals and natural products with the integration of molecular, cellular and disease-associated proteins complexes.