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Please link to UK Horse Rescue from your website. Like horses, donkeys and mules sterile hybrids of a horse and a donkey have their own charm and usefulness. However, these animals have also been affected by hay shortages and some have sadly become victims of abuse or neglect.

The capital of UK is London.

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If you are interested in re-homing one of our horses or ponies please click on the Adoption Form button below. Logistically, we need to be practical on distances travelled for dropping of or collecting adopted ponies, for their well being and because we do not have limitless resources staff wise and financially.

British Spottedwelsh Registered Pony For Adoption

The reasons a horse would need to be rescued are quite varied. Most peopIe in UK speak English.

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Droughts, rising food and fuel prices, and other economic pressures mean that some owners can no longer afford to feed and care for their horses. Some horse owners in the Western U.

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Hit Ctrl-C to copy text. If you feel you can offer care for one or more of these youngsters to help them on their way - please get in touch to discuss! These horses are sometimes abandoned in the plains and deserts, where they often die of slow exposure.

Lovely Tb Gelding For Sale

Hit Ctrl-V to paste link into your web page. Details of horses for re-homing are always changing. The population of UK is about 60 million.

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Horses are beautiful, romantic animals that many people love. We usually only re-home within miles of The SWHP, this is because we continue to check on our adopted ponies in their new homes for the duration of their lives.

Other horses are purchased by inexperienced people for sentimental reasons or as gifts for children, but their owners are unprepared for the ongoing expense and involvement of caring for the horses.

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Place mouse over text below. Sadly, however, horses are being neglected, abused, and abandoned at an alarming rate. They are now ready to be re-homed in a safe, caring environment. Flag Graphics by 3DFlags.

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We currently have several youngsters that we would like to find temporary homes for, to free up valuable space for critical rescues. Each of the horses and ponies on this page have recovered from an ordeal, with help from SWHP. Before you decide to offer a home to these very special horses and ponies, we ask you to have a look at our adoption agreementwhich contains points that you should consider, along with the terms and conditions by which all our adoptive homes are bound.