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He decided to become the leader of the Criollo independence movement. For these reasons, no European noble would accept the offer of a Mexican crown. Two years later he was placed in charge of the Army of the North, whose jurisdiction encompassed the intendancies of Valladolid and Guanajuato.

If he did not come to Mexico, another member of the Bourbon royal family would be chosen to rule there.

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According to the article, Iturbide sent out a questionnaire to military and civilian leaders as to whether the people preferred a republic or a monarchy. This would not last long. Royalist and rebel forces engaged on the east bank of the Lerma River at the end of October in what is now known as the Battle of Monte de las Cruces.

The United States government viewed Emperor Maximilian as a French puppet and they demanded the withdrawal of French forces, and France acceded.

Combating insurgency

Inthe received a corporate charter, under the name The President and Directors of Single woman dog owner rights College. Guerrero rejected the pardon but agreed to meet with Iturbide to discuss the independence of Mexico.

Santa Anna, with most of his infantry destroyed by the Imperial army, fortified himself in the city of Veracruz with his superior artillery. Interpreting this as an attempt to regain power, the Mexican Congress declared him a traitor and sentenced him to death. From a balcony of the palace, Iturbide repeatedly denied his desire for the throne.

On his father's death he became the Titular Mexican Emperor and he would be a claimant to his father's empire for forty years until the Second Mexican Empire was established under Maximilian I of Mexico.

Agustín de Iturbide

Guerrero managed to deliver a number of serious reverses to Iturbide's troops. Isidro de Huarte y Arrivillaga A significant number of this congress supported republican ideas. The promise of the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church was offered to the clergy, who were frightened by anti-clerical policies of Spanish Liberalism.

Lacking sufficient forces to challenge the Mexican leader's ascendancy, the viceroy proposed negotiations.

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Iturbide's next major encounter with the rebels would be against Morelos himself and in his native city of Valladolid. The next day, Mexico was declared an independent empire. He received his education at the seminary in Valladolid and devoted his youth to managing one of his father's haciendas estates.

However, their reasons for joining together were very different, and those differences would later foment the turmoil that occurred after independence. I am not a traitor, no. Iturbide gained control of the army and entered into an alliance with Guerrero and the remaining guerilla groups under his control.

In a proclamation that explained their reasons, they also called for the reinstatement of the disintegrated Congress, which would then decide the fate of the nation. The following day, Mexico was declared an independent empire.

Agustín de Iturbide

He would be overthrown with the Mexican Revolution. However, Spain pressured Tuscany to expel Iturbide, which it did, whether he was aware of this second part is in dispute. On May 18,a sergeant in Iturbide's own Celaya regiment launched a "popular" movement to proclaim Iturbide emperor.

Once there, he declared himself Emperor of Mexico on 10 Aprilthe Empire managed to gain recognition by major European powers including Britain, Austria, and Prussia. Plan of Iguala[ edit ] The plan was a rather vague document that sought the transition of the center of power in New Spain from Madrid to Mexico City.

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Lack of a quorum cast doubt upon the legality of this mandate, but the action had considerable popular support. On July 19,the Liberator of Mexico, thoroughly discredited by his actions while occupying the throne, was executed by a firing squad. The Liberator exhibited a proper degree of reluctance, but the next day Congress, with tumultuous crowds of Iturbide's adherents jamming the hall, formally selected him as emperor.

Iturbide received a commission in the royal militia and quickly gained fame for his daring actions during the campaigns against the liberal revolutionaries. At 5 feet 10 inches, he was taller than his Mexican contemporaries, and his erect, military bearing and aloof, aristocratic manner added to the aura of imperial splendor.

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Guerrero was a guerrilla leader who had for years lived and fought against the same soldiers who were trying to capture him. He was eventually executed as a traitor.

However, the Constitution does not specify a location for the capital, on July 9, Congress passed the Residence Act, which approved the creation of a national capital on the Potomac River. Recognizing the danger of such an invitation, Santa Anna responded with his Plan de Veracruz, which called for the reinstatement of the old Constituent Congress, which would then have the right to decide the form of government of the new nation.