Dumbledore Vs Voldemort Dumbledore Vs Voldemort

Albus dumbledore vs lord voldemort yahoo dating. Dumbledore vs voldemort

However, it Lord Voldemortwas also very powerful and was able to cast certain flirten vrouwenpolder of darkmagic that Dumbledore would never be able to, nor would he want to. He is also skilled in Occlumency blocking telepathy and Legilimency telepathy.

Dumbledore tells Harry that his greatest fear was that he struck the blow that ended her life, but Harry chooses not to ask whether he ever found out who was responsible for killing her, so we don't know.

Why is albus dumbledore gay? Due to this he never accepted the position of The Minister of Magic which he was offered albus dumbledore vs lord voldemort yahoo dating times.

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Who is more powerful Albus Dumbledore or Lord Voldemort? A fight broke out after an argument between Grindelwald and Dumbledore during their youth. Who did Albus Dumbledore kill?

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Who does Albus Dumbledore fear? How did Albus Dumbledore die? Instead he became a teacher and ultimately the headmaster at the wizarding school Hogwarts. Grindelwald and Dumbledore had a duel and Dumbledore believes he might have killed his sister by accident.

Dumbledore Vs Gandalf: The Greatest Wizard of All Time

Snape then begged Dumbledore to help protect her. Hethought they were protected in a safe house and was unaware theyhad been betrayed until it was too late.

Would the Occulmency still offer protection against non-spell related assaults, and based off what I have seen via comics Yes. To add to all these abilities Gandalf has thousands of years of knowledge and experience. Gandalf was played by Sir Ian McKellen. If the Queen's try to go into Dumbledore and Voldemort's minds and both of them feel the connection to their mind that the Queen's are making, Voldemort could hit them with an Avada Kedavra and Dumbledore could use Levicorpus or a fiery rope around their necks.

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On that basic definition, it tells me that the Queen's telepathy would get blocked by Occlumency. Gellert Grindlewald, but mostly because he loved him and knew hewould be rejected.

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Rowling stated in an interview that Albus Dumbledore was bornin either July or August of No one has passed Occlumency barrier before, espiscally the barrier of a trained master Occlumens what Voldemort and Dumbledore are But if they do try to break it which they could try to do is all of them combined focused Dumbledore and Voldemort would feel a connection to their minds, so Voldemort would hit them with a Avada Kedavra and Dumbledore would try to freeze them to ice as they try to penetrate Dumbledore and Voldemort's minds.

Grindlewald also made him feel guilty about hissister's death. Snape tried to prevent Voldemort from entering Harry's mind not a spell and possessing him. No one knows but JK.

Dumbledore also knows dark magic but chooses not to use it. Dumbledore defeats Grindelwald, second on the list of most dangerous dark wizards of all time, even though Grindelwald has the Elder Wand. Dumbledore would never have allowed Voldemort to kill them.

How did Lord Voldemort kill Albus Dumbledore?

Albus Dumbledore Vs Lord Voldemort

He also calmly engages Voldemort and in the end Voldemort has to flee. He is an expert in non-verbal spells and is famous as an alchemist. InDumbledore duelled Grindelwald and defeated him after he became a dark lord. Albus Dumbledore was in love with a friend from his teenager years, Gellert Grindelwald.

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Istari possessed great mental and physical powers and were called Wizards by men. In fact, there is nothing any where that says Dumbledore killed anyone and considering his disdain for murder and the value he placed on intact souls which are ripped apart when one killsit is not likely he ever did.

The curse was slowed by Snape's potion, but not stopped. How old was Albus Dumbledore?

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It is just how his character developed in her mind while she was putting him on paper. He is the only person that could ever see who Voldemort really was and who knew his history.

It was going to kill Dumbledore within the year. Feet off the highest tower at hogwarts. Gandalf View Results Loading Who is Albus Dumbledore? Who killed Albus Dumbledore? Snape later killed Dumbledore as the two had agreed.

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Could there be a possibility that the Queen would be able to sufficiently bypass the mental barrier erected by Occulmency due raw telepathic power Not sure. He was the headmaster of the School of Magic in the Harry Potterseries of books and movies.

He possesses superhuman stamina, supernatural senses and immunity from harm by any mortal weapon. Why did Lord Voldemort hate his father?

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These feelings were not returned. Rowling, announced that information. On his last birthday before he died he turnedbecause he died and was born Gandalf has many more powers but in his first two forms, most of his powers are sealed by Valar.

I can be wrong.

Albus dumbledore vs lord voldemort

Gandalf is a skilled swordsman and has the ability to create light to blind enemies or to see in dark places. He was killed by snape under the orders of both voldemort and dumbeldore himself.

How do you know Albus Dumbledore is gay?