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Click on the door with all the locks.

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Use the brick on the keypad to break it and click on the lock to go in. Go to the left into the kitchen and click on the thermostat, and raise the temperature to Give Rulio the penny to get a mushroom.

Episode 3 — Walkthrough — Rulio 1. Hi kids, if the game is laggin' slow just right mouse clickz and then If you want to get the secret medal, skip this step.

If you're going for the Brains medal, you don't need the brick or the pipe. Go back to the tubevator, check your phone for the last time, and take the tubevator. The first tape could be found here. The first one is not always in the same spot, but it's always in or around the club.

Alice is Dead 3

Enter the Secret Lab. The second is in the dumpster. I like her backstory but Go to the right to the elevator screen and click on the elevator. The reason the Rabbit and the Hatter are captured because the Queen wants to get rid of them. If you want the Brawn medal, you know what to do with the brick.

Now go right twice.

Alice is Dead: Chapter 3

Episode 3 — Walkthrough — Nightclub Kitchen 1. If you want, you can look at the stones, but there's nothing else to see. Always note the display on top of the phone screen, "Connected to Go back and enter the Secret Lab, and turn left. Located where you bashed Tweedle Dee and Tweddle Dumb Open the door and enter the room.

Read the text message that you've received. You don't need to mess with the thermostat if you already have the number. Call Ann and the Hatter. If you want the Brain medal, go left and talk to Rulio.

Turn the temperature to 90 degrees. Here, the Queen leads an assassin ring, again taking the whimsy out of it.

The lag is also super annoying. Find the three tapes. Give Rulio the Penny and he'll give you the Mushroom. Go right back to Back Alley.

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Usefull resources alice is dead wiki pages: Go back to the kitchen and click the bottom of the slot machine, and change the odds to 1 in 1.

Thank the author of this Walkthrough: The first one is not always in the same spot, but it's always in or around the club. The art in the ending also seemed a bit subpar and the ending twist seems very rushed and I had to check the wiki to find out what happened.

Try to ignore the sight of the dead guards. Go back into the kitchen, and look at the new hole in the slot machine.

Click on the recorder besides the potted plant and listen to the messages by clicking on Play. There is something else in this scene Stay tuned after the credits.

Alice is Dead - Ep 3

The second is in the dumpster, and Rulio has the third. Go back to where you found the Pipe, and throw it in the dumpster As you can not bring it in the club Wait awhile, and you will be out of Lewis.

Click on the tubevator. Episode 3 — Walkthrough — Main Street 1. Then go back outside, where you found the Brick and Penny. Play the slot machine. It's the thermostat, of course. Listen to the Voice Messages if needed.

Wait awhile for the door to appear. In front of the green door. Can only get this after getting first and second tape. Episode 3 — Walkthrough — Back Alley 1. Unfortunately, you must now part with the pipe. Last on the right Credit to basseq for tape location information.

Its presence is most likely a nod to the first episode of the series. Pick up the Pipe next to the Exit door. Return to the main bathroom screen and click on the cabinet under the sink to retrieve the package.

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Turn Left and talk to Rulio. I understand that you are doing it for the people reading this, and I commend you for it. It's not up to meit's the game and I can't do nothing about it.

Oh wait-- there's a metal detector! Click the red Heart-shaped arrow pointing to the left.