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If combat has started within the red zone and someone leaves the area, combat can still take place. This means you are allowed as a gang to roleplay your way into the situation If you do this in a threatful way altis life police rules for dating is okay, but doing so with for an example, a rook in your hand will be classified as trolling and it will result in a punishment for your gang.

Altis Police Department Remake - Max Life pack version

This includes gang bases and faction areas. The COP is always allowed to loot this means, if someone dies in front of them they most likely will jump out and take his stuff if it is illegal, if the COP loot, you do not have the right to kill high-temperature furnace generator hookup, however.

No killing, shooting or crime of any kind is permitted in this zone apart from speeding. Medic Authorized medical personnel do NOT need authorization to land and may land wherever necessary when responding to emergencies.

A database schema is provided in the download called arma3life.

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The ones who have died at the first Event Fighting for the federal area can join the Transport Event. Other than that, co-operating is strictly forbidden and will never be tolerated. Robbery When you're about to rob someone, you have to give the victim a choice If the victim fails to comply only then is lethal action allowed If you plan to rob a bypassing car, you may not randomly fire at the vehicle to make it stop Only Roadblocks and spike trips is allowed during this situation Driving over someone is not allowed under any circumstances.

D have KOS inside the jail, if u are in this area the police are allowed to shoot you without no warning. Things like baiting police, destroying vehicles and targeting certain people 2.

Important Information

If you see someone reviving during combat you are to issue a warning shot, if they still proceed to revive the player, you are permitted to shoot the reviving player, regardless of faction. This includes but is not limited to: They are clearly marked by a red zone and a smaller yellow zone with a m radius.

Helicopters cannot fly below m over the city without authorization. Civilians or rebels who take up arms to kill cops in town or elsewhere for no RP reason will be considered RDMing.

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If you see something I may of missed please feel free to post them bellow and I will see about getting them added. You may remember what happened previously.

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Vehicles that look abandoned, broken, with no driver, or left in the middle of the road can be impounded. The negotiator must be given time to leave if negotiations are called off. Yellow Zone The yellow zone is also known as the Prison Zone.

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Altis Life New Life Rule 5. Voice over in direct chat MUST be in English during a robbery if you are not familiar with the person.

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You are not allowed to hover above Kavala safezone You can fly through the safe zone. The Admins part is meant for Admin specific features such as Cellphone reports, global messaging and ability to use a mini-admin menu which allows you to see basic stuff about a user Money, current gear.

You need to give the person s a reasonable amount of time to react before shooting after your engage.

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It's not a new life if you get revived by a medic 4. Air Ramming is prohibited. Keep in mind though, if you die on the transportation event, New Life Rule still applies. A gang or faction is not permitted to wait outside the zone, abusing the fact they are not in the KoS zone.

Merging Altis Life with Exile?

They were ready to build such a system and I thought I could make it better and more robust and so I did. This does not mean you can shoot a medic for reviving someone you do not want reviving, you have words use them.

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Many of you may be familiar with older life missions from ARMA 2. There are a lot of parts of the system that are still buggy and other parts needing to be rewrote carried from the old system I made for Stratis as a test-bed but all around the mission functions and has popularity.

Knocking someone down does not give them kos, however, if you do this towards a Police officer, you can bet your ass they will do something about it You are not allowed to ziptie players inside safezones.