- Dolce Flirt, un gioco d'amore e corteggiamento per tutte le - Dolce Flirt, un gioco d'amore e corteggiamento per tutte le

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Reminds me a lot of J'adore, minus the screech and headache no offense to J'adore lovers; I do like it as well. Also, the staff was very nice and the breakfast was free.

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It is fresh yet heavy, almost aquatic. Then it dried down to plastic and pomelos. There was no view from my room, but i didnt cared, because i wasnt in Rome to view the city from my bedroom window.

Walking distance from the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel.

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Happy new year to everyone. As this develops, the sponginess of white pomelo pith feels like a hug from a long lost friend -- warm velvet skin.

Valentino EDP is a very bright, yet creamy floral with a pinch of aldehyde, though the scent as a whole is not aldehydic. Soft to moderate sillage, longevity is for about hours. She gets in her luxury car where her driver escorts her to restaurant in a tropical beach under the stars, behind it are lush trees and waterfalls.

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I've been buying back up bottles because I adore it. Very good restaurants and excellent gelato shops nearby. I've been searching for a great magnolia scent for a while, but no one suggested this one to me!

It's one of my top 3 for sure.

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Rooms were typical for a small, older, European hotel. It opens light and cheery with a lot of magnolia, which I love.

Opening with a light, deliciously sweet fruit, the first thing I feel is light citric acidity, sweetened with pink petals. It is a beautiful tropical floral, for day or night, casual or dressy. And by foot it isn't difficult and isn't far to visit more interesting places. Too bad that this charismatic beauty is discontinued as this is a lovely floral discovery for the coming warmer months.


The bottle is cute too! Vasile, United Kingdom They have comfort rooms, cable TV with a lot of channels, nice bathrooms, clean towels every day, great breakfast. AC worked great, and that is a big thing. It is a mystery to me why fragrances like this are discontinued.

A cool, casual luxury scent. The initial spray is a honeyed lush floral, mimose, magnolia, orangle blossom and violet.

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One of the best things is their staff, especially waiters. The character is classic and elegant yet modern. I also got told that the florals in this smell "plasticky" and I'm starting to agree.

Whilst it's still a pretty scent, but I'm not as enamored with it as I once was.

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It's like brushing past a beautiful woman on the street or in the mall and wondering what made her smell so good. Lepanto metro station is just around the corner. Demure yet quietly beautiful, the notes I am experiencing in this perfume create a subtley unique montage of textures.

Michal, Czech Republic Small but cosy room. Added to that, there's no vanilla or patchouli here either yes!

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Aug temporalgrace This is very pretty and feminine! All the notes in the pyramid make a wonderful combination except for the rice, which I cannot smell. The dry-down is beautiful, as the scent settles into a gorgeous powdery white floral, predominately heliotrope with a bit of freshness from those citrus accords, and its always warm, friendly, comforting.

Pretty decent breakfast with satisfactory selection and freshness but don't expect too much. Breakfast and breakfast staff were excellent.