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AJ was very adamant about making it a countdown of their favorite memories since they had been together. He then said "Personally, zero is significant to the fact that zero is the number of days that I want to spend without this beautiful woman in my life".

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Her parents had planned a vacation to North Carolina for a week in late October and he decided that it would be the perfect time to propose. AJ's family had come into town from Greensboro, NC.

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Little did she know that he would have her involved in setting up her own proposal moment. They talked for hours until it was time to go home.

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A few weeks before her parents came, he said that he wanted to do something special for Alicia's parents since they always are doing nice things for them. Alicia was under the assumption that everyone was there just to meet each other and spend time together for an evening, but oh was she wrong!

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AJ went to grab the scrapbook from the car and brought everyone together so that they could view the pictures together. He messaged her on June 16thsaying 'You have a great smile Ms.

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Soon after she downloaded the app, she came across AJ Jones. Jones Rings A Bell.

Alicia and Arthur

Zero could also be seen as nothingness, but he viewed it as the potential for something to grow. He decided that since Alicia's parents were in town that he would coordinate a dinner so that both families could meet each other while everyone was in North Carolina.

She was hesitant at first from all the stories she had heard from some of her friends but she decided there couldn't be any harm in doing checking it out. Check out our feature here: Alicia was completely caught by surprise and she began to cry, but nodded her head immediately to say YES!

The Engagement Story Fast forward a little over two years: We were featured on one of the top multicultural bridal sites! Her parents are not much into material gifts, so he had to think of something outside of the box that they would enjoy.

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He started going through each page, counting down from 10 to 1. He continued by saying that, zero to some people can be seen as an ending but he thought of it more as a beginning. Alicia" and from there it was history! Once he got to the end of the book, he began telling everyone about why he intentionally left the last page blank.

He asked her out on their first date and took her to a dessert bar in Charlotte called Crave on June 26th, In that moment, he got down on one knee and popped the question!

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One thing they do truly love is taking pictures at every gathering, so he decided to create a scrapbook for them. Throughout the week, Alicia and AJ put together a scrapbook full of memories from the past 2 years including as many of their favorite pictures as they could.

From there they went on a few more dates and planned a getaway weekend to Atlanta about a month later. He explained that it was representative of the number zero.