How One Ghanaian Actress Is Fighting The Skin-Bleaching Epidemic In Her Home Country | The FADER How One Ghanaian Actress Is Fighting The Skin-Bleaching Epidemic In Her Home Country | The FADER

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10 Lesser Known Facts About Ama K. Abebrese

She has occasionally been seen grooving with football stars and a Ghana-born rapper, Dr Cryme but the relationships were neither confirmed nor denied.

Since then she has been producing some of the best and most watched movies. It takes high level of creativity to do this and Bedside drawers online dating K. Abebrese can boast of it. Abebrese, is one of the most famous Ghanaian actresses of all times.

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I remember at the end of the report, it said something needs to be done about this. We just dialogue, we have a very open discussion, we ask questions, and they can ask us anything. Ama started her career overseas This talented actress started her training at Youth Center Television in London which was an organizations started by Sabrina Guinness on the TV show dubbed Challenge Anneka.

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If you love her and you are ama k abebrese dating advice fan then you need to know everything you can about her. I would look around me and see it everywhere. Hydroquinone has been highlighted, some of the dangers. And I was like, what the hell is going on?

Her latest movie is out Ama K. People equate that same level of idealistic beauty, that this is the ideal black woman.

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It should be a bit more caramel-y. She has started many foundations and drives to donate toward the needy. And the message was simple on [our billboards]: She was raised in Ghana and therefore has Ghanaian citizenship and nationality making her a full-blooded Ghanaian.

It was no big deal. People use very dangerous mixtures and concoctions with high levels of hydroquinone. She is also very strong spirited and will do all it takes to further her course. It could take 10, 20, 30, 40 [years], who knows?

There were so many of those messages bombarding you to lighten your skin, that let us, with our smaller billboards, let us with our little selves make that foundation. Think about how long it took the situation to get to here.

Soon it will be 60 years. Abebrese as a Ghanaian but are unaware that she is also British. It appears you will have to wait a little bit longer to know the lucky man.

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I think my own feeling about it is that a lot of black people hate blackness, they hate the blackness of their skin. She is highly philanthropic and usually makes donations to help those who are unfortunate in her community.

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You get it here as well. She took the role of Effie. Ghanaian-British actress Ama K Abebresebest known for her role in Cary Fukunaga 's Beasts of No Nationhas spent the past couple of years spearheading a large-scale public effort to counteract the practice of skin-bleaching in Ghana.

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You can go to a hospital and see the nurses have bleached; you go to banks, you see it. Abebrese and some of the lesser known facts about her.

She earned this covetous position because of her interviewing skills as well as her personality. Abebrese has the heart to help.

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She aims to make people understand that they come in different skin tones and that they must love and embrace what they are blessed with naturally.

And you see this everywhere. Abebrese has managed to scoop a number of coveted awards including local and international awards. I pulled a few other female celebrities together and we did a photoshoot with Rodney Quarcoo, an amazing photographer.

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Ama is among the most awarded Ghanaian actresses Since her debut in the entertainment industry, Ama K. I was just baffled. They want to eradicate it now. When I was doing my research, I found the only research that had been done about it, aroundfrom the Director General for Ghana Health Services.

Tweet Colorism, or discrimination on the basis of skin tone and complexion, is a pervasive scourge bubbling under the surface of daily life and affecting the lived experiences of black and brown women worldwide.

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She is a unique TV presenter who also produces the shows that she presents. And then when I moved to Ghana about six years ago, I was shocked. Her parents, however, are originally from Ghana, from the Akan tribe.

She hates skin bleaching It is saddening that even with their beautiful dark skin, some Africans, especially celebrities are ashamed of their skin color and bleach to be lighter. I remember the day we read they gave them a certain amount of months to reformulate, I was just so happy.

They had been working on it before, it was in their plan. Her talent and capabilities make some of her shows one of the most watched shows in the UK and other places around the world.

I spent the majority of my life in London. I think the ban comes into effect in August.

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A lot of the girls say girls do it because guys like light-skinned girls. She had an opportunity with Tony Blair Tony Blair is the former British Prime minister and was one of the most influential politicians of all times.

Colonization obviously is a major factor. Very few presenters have had the opportunity to brush shoulders with these great men and women. The effects of normalized white supremacy have long created global standards of beauty that frequently manifest in the form of skin-bleaching, a practice common across much of the world.

For example, she participated in mobilizing the public to donate blood for the help of those in need of urgent blood transfusion. We spoke with her about the epidemic of skin-bleaching in her home country and the success of her Love Your Natural Skin Tone campaign. Where racism and sexism collide, light is too often considered right.

I mean pretty much all facets of society. Say no to skin bleaching. This discussion is about Ama K.

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Women from Africa to Asia resort to using damaging creams, pills, and chemicals to lighten their skin, risking their lives for impossible aesthetic ideals. London is pretty multicultural.

This was one of the most important highlights of her early career.