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All four of the should introverts dating extroverts buzzfeed play beloved characters: Ryder and Marley were my favorites of the new group, despite Ryder getting that horribly unnecessary storyline about the mystery person texting him.

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Their storylines except for maybe the catfish were superficial. They just drag the show down. When not globetrotting, Donovan loves hosting gatherings, especially outdoor movie patio nights.

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Sound off in the comments! Rich What about the ones who just graduated?

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At the time, our insider spilled that it was "unlikely" Morris would return as a regular but would return "in some capacity" for season five.

Homegirl No5 Who cares.

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I think the lack of creativity is starting to show. Robomunchkin This is the feeling that Shannen Doherty leaving charmed, ND The show was good at the start, but went downhill fast.

Four original Glee castmembers will not be returning as series regulars for the Fox hit's upcoming fifth season, E!

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I would not miss any of them including Tina and Sam, who have no singing or dancing talent at all. Morris, 26, is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Taylor Hubbell.

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Except for Britney, but it makes sense for her to go as well. FInd out which Glee star just got engaged!

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I always thought Glee went about casting the wrong way. All four stars, as well as Dianna Agronanother original castmember who had a brief presence in season four, could return for guest appearances, TVLinewho first reported the news of the series' downsizing their roles, notes.

Mark Salling & Naya Rivera

So which actors will fans be seeing a lot less of come the season five premiere on Sept. I agree with Michael, they should have done it Degrassi style by introducing and exiting characters every season. I heard the show only has 3 writers.

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Back in May, a show source told us that no one was contracted for season five, with the whole cast up for renegotiations.

Lea Michele admits she's nervous about her solo album! Glee returns for its fifth season on Thursday, Sept. I just thought there was no depth to them.

All we want to see are the gays.


Salling is resident bad boy Puck, who moved to Los Angeles after graduation but was moving back to Lima at the end of season four to spend more time with his half-brother Jake Jacob Artist ; Morris stole scenes as the daft cheerleader Brittany, known for her hilarious one-liners and popular relationship with Santana Naya Rivera ; Riley's character Mercedes was the big-voiced diva of the group before moving to Los Angeles after leaving McKinley to pursue a career as a recording artist, and Shum's Mike Chang was New Direction's best dancer.

I think they did a piss poor job of introducing the new kids. The news about Morris, Salling, Shum and Riley shouldn't come as much of a surprise to fans: Sad to see less of these four actors in season five?

Though Morris' character was the only one to remain at McKinley High after season three, Brittany was offered early acceptance by MIT in the season four finale.