FragmentPagerAdapter getItem is not called (Android) - FragmentPagerAdapter getItem is not called (Android) -

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For example, perhaps the page in the ViewPager currently displays a list of items and we want to have a detail view show up when an item is selected.

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Dynamic ViewPager Fragments In certain cases, we may require a dynamic ViewPager where we want to get access to fragment instances or with pages being added or removed at runtime.

When I say the whole fragment is kept in memory it means, its instances wont be destroyed and would create a memory overhead.

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We will do it through getter and setter. In that case, it will be better if you'll extend your custom adapter by FragmentStatePagerAdapter and return different fragmets for every pager.

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A few of the most interesting ones are listed below: There are a number of other custom indicators for the pager that can be helpful in various contexts.

In this way we can update the fragment una alocada obsesion online dating new data. Usually to display sliding fragments two methods of FragmentPagerAdapter are used, getCount and getItem.

A service is a component that runs in the background to perform long-running operations without needing to interact with the user and it works even if application is destroyed.

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You Might Also Like. So, after a lot of changes, I found one that worked for me and was added to my FragmentPagerAdapter the next code: For "listen" a Service status, provide a BroadcastReceiver object in Fragment and initialize it in onCreate method.

I have f Android Fragment onPause event called late with FragmentPagerAdapter I have a FragmentPagerAdapter in an activity that manages 4 fragments, all is working fine, but the onPause, and onDestroyView events of each fragment, are not called immediatly after the new fragment reusing fragments in a fragmentpageradapter I have a viewpager that pages through fragments.

It also has same methods getCount and getItem. You might want to check out the popular ViewPagerIndicator for an improved page indicator.

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Using destroyItem method, It is deleting the fragment but still does not called getItem again. I am actually nesting my FragmentPagerAdapter inside of another Fragment therefore the FragmentManager was shared throughout all of them and thus retaining instances of the old fragments.

Launching an Activity with Tab Selected Often when launching a tabbed activity, there needs to be a way to select a particular tab to be displayed once the activity loads.

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The second argument is the transformer which requires defining the transformPage method to define the sliding page behavior. For example, to let the system keep 3 page instances on both sides of the current page: You can also review this cool rotating page transformer effect for another example.

The class inherits from ViewPager and includes a new method called setSwipeable to control if swipe events are enabled or not.


There are two different scenarios: So be careful when tweaking this setting if your pages have complex layouts. Therefore, create a new Intent with current Service: I hope this helps someone who may be having the same problem I was!! This transformer exists within the support library and is compatible with API 11 or greater.

The page which fills the screen is at position 0.

FragmentPagerAdapter getItem is not called

A service can essentially take two states: In contrary its sibling FragmentPagerAdapter should be used when we need to store the whole fragment in memory. The purpose for using this type of fragment adapter is to keep the whole fragment in memory. You have different layout for every pager: Its view hierarchy may be destroyed but the fragment may still remain in memory.

In this way new fragments gets new data from the object collection directly.

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Apply the Adapter Finally, let's associate the ViewPager with a new instance of our adapter: Selecting or Getting the Page We can access the selected page within the ViewPager at any time with the getCurrentItem method which returns the current page: This screen when app running: So Fragments are created, attached, destroyed and detached keeping the memory uses low.

Set Offscreen Page Limit Alternatively, you can use the method setOffscreenPageLimit int limit provided by ViewPager to set how many page instances you want the system to keep in memory on either side of your current page.

ViewPager class is a sort of layout manager which provides the functionality of flipping data in form of pages, left and right.

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The first one returns the number of fragments to be displayed, and the second one is used to display the actual fragment.