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Andy capp hot fries yahoo dating, andy capp hot fries lyrics

They don't come anywhere close to succeeding, but this was the 70's, they could get away with that kind of marketing then.

Junk food is filled with empty calories, sodium, and fat and not many snack foods provide more of that then Andy Capp's Hot Fries. The small size of each chip makes it easier to snack which can make it very easy to finish the entire bag in less then 15 minutes and make someone feel like a disgusting worthless slob.

Andy Capp Hot Fries

Andy Capp which I realized only just now was a pun on the English pronunciation of "handicap" was an internationally famous and beloved drunkard. I did some research and found out that he was a British comic strip character originated in the 's.

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It's simple and very tasty. I used to read the cartoon too and never once saw HIM actually eat them.

Andy Cap's Hot Fries

Can I get perfectly centered business cards The " pub fries " were apparently marketed at least in part to bars for them to sell to guys drinking beer. Instead, the snack was marketed to fans of the character by a few strips that were printed on each bag of the product, up until the end of the comic's run in the US, when they stopped bothering.

As you probably already know, I love this snack. This delicious combination of corn and potatoes and who knows what else creates one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten. stats and valuation

So if you are in a bar and want some snacks who better to have on your bag. FTR I got them in a convenience store called, "Highs" back then. Its so bad for me, but yet so good. I'm not certain any of GoodMark's products were sold outside of the Americas.

Which makes sense for this snack because it inspired me to do as Andy Capp and sit on the couch and do nothing.

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Before for I started devouring those little strips of corn and potatoes and had one question. I image that the creators of this heavenly snack created this masterpiece to help Andy Capp fans feel closer and relate to their favorite cartoon character as the fries can make one unable to move from the couch for days while they skip past the jobs pages of the newspaper and move on to the comics section and read about the famous little man from Northern England.

Who is this Andy Capp person?

Andy Capp Hot Fries 3oz 85g

So the marketing tie in is not that Andy loved hot fries but that Andy was always in a bar. It goes without saying, I give this snack a thumbs up. See also Funyons and Munchos.

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I remember very clearly being a kid and reading his strips and not understanding why it was funny that a guy was constantly coming home from the bar late and fighting with his wife.

Other flavors and styles come and go usually gobut Hot Fries will probably be the last product line standing.

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