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Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. The cross references from the member States were collected through the mutual exchange of experience. We hope that this mutual reinforcement of common goals will continue.

Buscamos cobijo en el mutuo desconsuelo. Se reunieron referencias cruzadas de los Estados miembros mediante el intercambio mutuo de experiencias.

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I just want to minimize our mutual risk. You two need to start a dialogue about mutual respect.

El apoyo mutuo

The discussion groups also widens their social network, encouraging mutual support. Thors ya ha mencionado algunos asuntos sobre el mutuo reconocimiento de requisitos.

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Taking a human rights approach reinforces other efforts and provides mutual strengthening. Mrs Thors has already mentioned issues about the mutual recognition of qualifications. Entonces compraremos un paquete de suicidio mutuo.

Solo quiero minimizar nuestro riesgo mutuo. It is therefore very important for them to maintain mutual contact and exchange information and experiences.

Translation of "mutuo" in English

Mientras haya respeto mutuo, eso puede madurar. He probably sees that only mutual economic interest can do the trick. Well, then, we'll make a mutual suicide packet. Only peaceful negotiations carried out in an atmosphere of mutual respect will bring about progress.

A strengthened relationship will be in our mutual interest. I'd rather do business on a basis of mutual respect.

Apoyo mutuo

There has to be some mutual respect and trust. Induce una coexistencia consciente, regida por la igualdad de derechos y el respeto mutuo. Suggest an example Results: Tiene que haber respeto mutuo y confianza.

The Delhi Declaration is based on equality and mutual respect. The European Union has supported the objective of mutual strengthening between the United Nations and regional organizations.

What happened?

It encourages a conscious co-existence governed by the principles of equal rights and mutual respect. Ambos necesitan comenzar un dialogo sobre respeto mutuo. Now you're descending into the hell of mutual hate. We have gathered to seek shelter in our common grief.

As long as there's a mutual respect, that kind of thing can grow.