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Satan has been summoned as host of world inventions awards, but things get out of control when Arale starts destroying everything around the event.

This had already been seen in the advance of the next episode, in which Vegeta commanded to fly to Arale of a powerful blow, but she was standing up despite having lost the head.

A final detail, not less, is that Bills will also participate in this episode, although we estimate that the destroying god will not intervene in the affairs of Goku and Vegeta with Arale.

By Shawn Saris Warning: Next, we leave you with the advance for this next chapter. His suit is quite dashing as well, and it made me laugh to see that even at a formal event he is as grumpy as ever. A series of increasingly strange events.

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This is just one of the many instances where their interactions had me laughing, and truly the best moments I found were when Vegeta and Arale are on screen together. Below, we show you exclusively the synopsis filtered today for the next chapter of the successful Japanese series.

Along with Goku, Vegeta is also the center of many strange moments.

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I must admit though, I was sad to see the suit get ruined as it was a refreshing new look for his character. Top Videos of the Day Of course, the episode will be very comical and we hope it will revive nostalgic moments of the classic Dragon Ball while we wait for the long awaited beginning of the saga of Hit.

The story that is put forth makes little sense, even by the standards of the Dragon Ball series.

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However, the weird events that take place and the odd humor feel out of place for Dragon Ball and often left me wondering if I was even watching the correct show. The wild and unusual humor is all that Episode 69 has to offer unfortunately.

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Things get even better as he and Arale fight, and his reaction to knocking her head off really had me smiling. A ridiculous battle that could destroy the earth?

Next Saturday, Goku will have a hard and comical clash against the mythical character of Akira Toriyama, Arale. Are you going to miss it?

The strongest points of Episode 69 occur when we see our heroes in weird, new situations. Senbei transformed into Super Saiyan blue, giving us to understand that Goku must use all his power to stop this powerful girl.

New information on the next episode of 'Dragon Ball Super' has been revealed.

On the other hand, Goku will have a hard battle against the android of Dr. Click to read more and watch the video or.

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The Verdict Although filled with several laughs, Episode 69 is so different from a normal Dragon Ball episode, that it often times felt like an entirely different show.

It actually took me a moment to realize who it was, as his short hair and fancy suit go a long way to hide his identity.

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Suggest a correction to this article Five are the days that we still have to wait to continue to see the stuffing saga we are witnessing in the world of " Dragon Ball Super".

How strong is Arale that even Vegeta could not with her? This is almost immediately visible with Goku being depicted as a security guard at the award show that is the focus of the episode. The following contains spoilers about the episode.

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