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Both Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are yet to comment on these reports. The courtship and its end inspired several songs.

Taylor Swift Boyfriends 2018: Who Is Taylor Dating Now?

Swift did not at first confirm she was dating Jonas, but eventually the truth came out… when things went awry. Sure, there were plenty of men stealing her heart and plenty of relationships and dates.

Aug 5, According to reports, a fan asked the "Story of My Life" singer to send her an emoji to confirm that he is really dating the rumored boyfriend of Danielle Campbell. Korea Portal has previously shared that there were reports stating Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are totally having a secret affair.

Jacob Black all the way.

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Meet her, become friends, and go from there. Taylor Swift's latest Break up was Jake Gyllenhaal. If it is, sorry team Jacob.

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Taylor launter even said on the jimmy kimmel show that he was never dating Taylor swifr, I think they are just good friends because they worked on Valentines day together Are Taylor laughtner and Taylor Swift dating?

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson Dating: Taylor Launter was very in love with Taylor Swift - but she wasn't in love with him.

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Hence, fans should take everything with a grain of salt until it has been proven true and correct. Not very nice of her, but at least she apologized! Insiders claim the management that handles the "What Makes You Beautiful" singers think that broadcasting their relationship to the public could affect the boy-next-door image of One Direction.

In fact, she is dating the Hannah Montana: If you ask me, something about this latest love seems fishy and there are several conspiracy theories about the actual status of their relationship.

Despite these rumors, the "Drag Me Down" singer has revealed that writing his new track is ang dating daan coordinating center singapore airlines that he is proud about.

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Taylor Swift is awesome though, i are louis and taylor swift dating all her music and Taylor Lautner is an idol of mine, no one really knew about him until he started in Twilight, which i LOVE!!!! The two are supposedly serious and have been together for quite some time.

Swift and Joe Jonas were allegedly spotted hanging out, with the pair sparking a teen-dream romance, perfect for Swift fans and Jonas Brothers fans alike. By Staff ReporterUpdated Sep 07, Hopefully, her newest work will include some candid songs about their breakup.

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If you can get there, then just have fun and hang out with her, and make sure you always know how to make her laugh and compliment her. On her part, it was because she was bored and he was convenient.

There is a lot of slut-shaming surrounding the relationships of Taylor Swiftbut for true Swifties there is a different kind of fascination How did Taylor Swift get here? But I think they broke up afterwards or something like that, idk for sure.

Swift allegedly wrote several songs about him, many of which are chronicled on her album Speak Now.


Louis And Taylor spotted On starbucks on west hollywood Sources have claimed that the "Drag Me Down" hitmakers are hitting on each other while they record songs and tour around the world. On his part, it was love.

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They may have broken up on vacation together, which sounds like a really great trip. Swift replied that the Massachusetts property was for investment purposes, having nothing to do with her personal life.

They were seen boarding private planes together and it was rumored that Swift and Alwyn dressed in elaborate costumes to hide their courtship from the paparazzi and the public.

While some think that it was just a sort of another social media mishap, there are also a number of fans who believe that this is a confirmation that "Larry" is not just a theory. But, the truth seems to be more so that her songwriting and lyrics led us here more than any scandal or fairytale romance.

Swift has been constantly at the center of rumors and discussions. Now, new reports are claiming that the speculations about their relationship status could possibly be true after the former boyfriend of Taylor Swift posted a photo of Danielle Campbell's ex-beau on Twitter.

It seems that this period was mainly made up of casual dating for Swift. With a caption saying "then and now," the post of Harry Styles could simply imply that he is comparing how the young and grown Louis Tomlinson is drinking his coffee.

The said Twitter post went viral among the fans of the two One Direction singers who believe that "Larry" does exists.

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She has also dated Toby Hemingway when they did the Hannah Montana movie together. Swift is known for her songwriting ability, her skill in being candid, addictive and relatable.

Who is currently dating Taylor Swift? Hiddleston and Swift are just working together for the release of her latest single and music video, which might chronicle dating while in the limelight.

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It was even stated that the bandmate of Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne has decided to break up with girlfriend Danielle Campbell after learning about his health condition. Is Taylor Swift dateing?

Why hasn't any1 updated this answer yet!?!?!?!?! So, fans should take everything with a grain of salt until everything has been confirmed to be true and correct.

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She currently does not have a boyfriend. The One Direction singer and Swift rekindled their brief fling, with confirmation in the form of photos of them holding hands in Central Park.

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Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson Dating: The mention of their shared paper airplane necklaces. However, it was later learned that Louis Tomlinson is not suffering from any diseases at all. Speculations have it that the new solo single of Harry Styles called "Sign of the Times" is about Louis Tomlinson even if there were already reports saying that it is about Taylor Swift.

After only three months of dating, Hiddleston and Swift called it quits. This then sparked reports that Louis Tomlinson does have a deadly disease right now.