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Route South in San Francisco on July 6. If they do, it means that one of them is ill, or something has happened to the aircraft and I am using some of the many skills I learnt during my extensive training to save their lives. An incident like the Asiana crash should really reinforce the value of being aware of safety and emergency procedures.

A fee may be charged for reissuing the ticket.

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But it was too late. Seven seconds before impact, one pilot called for an increase in speed. Only 1 can be used per ticket, and cannot be applied to additional itineraries after being applied to a one-way ticket.

Unbelievably, photos emerged of people carrying off their hand luggage, despite our constant reminders to leave everything behind as it can severely impede an evacuation.

Asiana flight 214

We are the ones passengers will look to first when an incident occurs. The other six remained hospitalized. The other six returned to South Korea. Hide Caption 17 of 43 Photos: The flight carrying passengers and 16 crew took off from Shanghai and stopped in Seoul before heading to San Francisco.

Grabbing your carry-on luggage does not assist a speedy evacuation and observations like these will form part of a thorough safety investigation.

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For canceled tickets with coupons applied, the coupon could be re-used within the valid date. It trapped a second flight attendant until a co-pilot deflated it with a dinner knife. Total precipitation shows areas of active precipitation on the map, refreshed 12 times a day.

Flight attendants told NTSB investigators that there was no fire inside the cabin when the evacuation began. No one knows how we would re-act should the worst happen, I hope none of us will ever have to find out.

American investigators this week examined wreckage from the Asiana Airlines passenger top japanese dating sims for pc that crashed last Saturday at San Francisco airport. Between and feet, the instructor pilot also reported a lateral deviation which they attempted to correct.

Aircraft Summary

American and South Korean officials are working together on the investigation. He said he was supposed to pick up students who were on board the flight from Seoul. Plane crash-lands in San Francisco Plane crash-lands in San Francisco — An investigator photographs part of the landing gear at the crash site in a handout released on July 7.

And they work on that basis because as you can see in the Asiana incident, one side of the aircraft is a lot more damaged than the other -- and appears to be the main area of the fire -- so you wouldn't want to open the doors on that side.

Fire trucks arrived within a minute of the crash but ambulances were delayed in reaching all the injured. An announcement was made telling passengers to remain calm and in their seats. American lawmakers are pressing for enactment of new pilot training rules in the United States and around the world.

She said both pilots at the controls had ample rest before they left South Korea and during the flight when they were relieved by the backup crew.


The discount coupon is a special offer that is available only for certain time period, and cannot be applied retroactively. Three passengers, all girls, died as a result of the first notable U.

Asiana continues to serve the Seoul-San Francisco route, however the flight has been renumbered to OZ, and departs with a retimed schedule of 8.

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Lack of compliance with standard operating procedures and crew resource management were cited as additional factors. They were injured when the airplane, a Boeingcrash-landed. Over-reliance on automation and lack of systems understanding by the pilots were cited as major factors contributing to the accident.

Preliminary analysis indicated that the plane's approach was too slow and too low. True, we serve meals, pour tea and coffee, sell scratch-cards, hand out headphones and clean up after our beloved passengers.

Investigating the Crash of Asiana Airlines Flight

More than people were taken to California hospitals for treatment. We believe it's important to show our work and tell people what we are doing.

The discount coupon can only be used once. Thirty of the students and teachers were from Shanxiand the others were from Zhejiang. All of these statements were made as they were on the approach to San Francisco. I sincerely hope for the rest of my flying career that this is all I have to do onboard an aircraft.

That is what we have seen in the case with this incident in San Francisco.

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The instructor pilot stated that the PAPI indicated a deviation below the glide path at approximately feet above ground leveland he attempted to correct it at that time. Asiana is Korea's second largest airline after Korean Air. Officials say two kinds of equipment, the autopilot and auto-throttle, did not appear to have failed.

FSX Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-28E(ER)

Investigators believe that the pilots were flying too slow and too low as they neared the airport on July 6. The Boeing was traveling at approximately knots mph upon impact and at about knots mph 16 seconds before impact at an altitude of about feet; the recommended speed upon approach to the runway threshold is knots mphDeborah Hersman told reporters.

Hide Caption 6 of 43 Photos: In the cabin, Yoon-Hye began fighting the fire that was now burning through the fuselage, while continuing to help with the evacuation.

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He had 9, hours of flying experience, of which 43 were in a over 9 flights, [32] and was operating the controls under the supervision of the instructor in the right seat. For domestic flights, special individual discounts such as disability and elderly discounts cannot be stacked.