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Astro a40 review uk dating. Astro a40's review

So after that it was fine could hear people talking very clear as well as game sound perfectly so problem solved. Communication through the Astro Mic is very good the mic is very sturdy although alil stiff you move it close to your mouth and tends to flex back a little bit but is not a problem cause it picks up your voice very clear have had no complaints yet.

Head over the page to see the conclusion and scores. Microphone I tested the quality and loudness of my microphone at a comfortable distance from my face using windows sound recorder; The microphone is reasonable, however I experienced some static noise with both the USB and normal microphone jack on my PC.

Oct Astro A40's Review I thought I'd write a quick point by point review of my thoughts on the A40's, incase anybody is in the market for these and needs some honest thoughts about them. No hype here just honesty.

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The cushioning isn't quite as epically-lavish as we expected given the price, but it's adequate for a very comfortable fit. They are more like speakers on your ears. If you are buying these to grant those around you peace and quiet, do not buy!

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Ok firstly i will be talking about buying the Headset, alot of people including myself always went to eBay to look for headsets that is is where i purchased my Ax's from and always searched around there because these kind of gaming headsets for Xbox are not available in Australia unfortunately, normally one would think eBay is a good place to go to get cheap headset at reasonable price this is correct for all headsets from TurtleBeach to Tritton and many others except Astro's.

The precision of the 5. It's actually very well made indeed, mostly from tough but flexible high-density plastic with a soft-touch feel around the ear cups. Click to enlarge The adjustment sliders on each side are made from aluminium and feel very sturdy.

Astro A40 Headset with MixAmp Pro (2015) Review

The Astro's also come with what they call "Speaker Tag Set" these go on each ear cup they attach by magnet on the outside of the headset to create a closed gaming experience meaning blocking outside noise and are fully customizable and they clip on very tight and that adds a real nice finish to the headset aesthetics makes them look really nice nothing you would be embarrassed to wear around your head.

Click to enlarge There's no carry box or bag included like we've seen with many cheaper PC gaming headsets but the A40 does at least ahn jae wook dan ahn jae hyun dating rotating earcups so can be flat-packed in some sense.

Setup is really simple, you have one plug in the front named headset and other named mic dont think i need to explain what to do there then at the back you have optical and power plug which powers by usb. The earcups can move in all directions too so it's likely they'll be able to sit flat on most heads as well.

Our only complaint is that the material-covered circumaural ear cushions aren't quite large or soft enough to provide that floating feeling that we've had with headsets such as Qpad's QH and Kingston HyperX Cloud.

That's my honest view. US price as reviewed: Also do some research if you are unsure read a few reviews youtube the name of your headset watch some set-up videos and other peoples thoughts before buying make sure you buy one that you will be happy with because they are not cheap and you don't want to be wasting your money.

For what I paid, it's reasonable but still somewhat disapointing. Although problem is solved still think Astro could have done alot better job with that feature of headset.

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In the second box is the A40 Mix amp let me start by saying this is probably the most important part of the headset you can say its like the brain without it you would be wasting your time.

At first very disappointed could not hear people talk to me if there was the slightest noise happening until i did abit of fiddling round with it to find the sweet spot between the 2 dials.

Score Breakdown

There is a very easy to read instruction manual even with pictures incase you cant read that show you many ways of setting it up to connect to whatever device you like.

Ok to sound what is really the major concern for gaming you want good sound. Upon receiving the Astro's the first thing i did naturally was place them on my head, and my first thoughts were WOW!! Best way to connect it to your Xbox is optical cable Thats why i bought that as an extra you can also connect it through the red and white analog way buy i would not recommend it because optical fibre is like the HDMI of sound and you will get a much better sound quality through that.

What was strange was, when plugged into the usb jack, the microhpone became much more quiet.

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They're still extremely comfortable but not quite a ten out of ten. If you have any other questions feel free to ask Thank You.

Hope you all enjoy and happy reading.

Astro Gaming A40TR Headset + MixAmp Pro - Black (PC)

Just remember when buying a headset do not always think more expensive is better that is not always the case, I recommend using a headset for gaming especially for FPS it gives you a advantage over your opponent and that is always a good thing.

The technical details are pretty much what you'd expect from a premium headset. The earcups themselves are of open-back design so there's quite a bit of noise escaping even at medium volumes - something to be aware of if you'll be using them in a quiet environment with other people.

If you would like to purchase Astro's go to www.

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The next thing i started to look into was the build quality and i have to say Astro did i very good job in the small detail and the toughness of this headset. Sadly there's no volume control on the cables themselves - the idea is you use the external amp for this.

Thank you for everyone who has read this review, this is my first review ever please leave me a comment or feedback of your thoughts and or advice.

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There's a single 40mm driver in each earcup, which sport a frequency response of 20Hz to 21KHz and for the real audiophiles out there, it has a claimed impedance of 48 ohms, THD of 0. They cup right over your ears and the softness of ear cups is unbelievable still with a fabric that makes it very breathable you would not sweat or get hot in these even if it was 40 degrees outside.

They leak sound like heck even at low volume. That was the end of our criticisms though. The A40 itself looks a little lacklustre compared to your average jazzed-up PC gaming headset - so much so that we were a little taken aback lifting it out the box.

Astro is a well-known brand for US gaming fans and despite the relatively high cost of its headsets compared to your average Corsair or CM Storm product, it has a big following. Generally I would not recommend purchasing these at retail price as in my opinion they are disappointing compared to some of my previous headphones and headsets.

In the Mixamp box you receive alot of cables, you can almost connect this to anything it works with the Xbox,Ps3,Pc and Home Entertainment System. The microphone is removable and can be placed into the left or right earcup and Astro has included magnetic caps that can be swapped over depending on your preference.

All i can say is Awesome!

Astro A40 Review

Click to enlarge However, there's more to the high price than just the fact the A40, in this case, comes with an external sound card you can also buy the A40 on its own.

While there's plenty of movement, it does favour small to medium head sizes. Playing dubstep or 'complex' music with lots of different tones at once, you lose a lot of the definition rendering that kind of music un-enjoyable.