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We are not animals who happened to evolve through millions of years of random chance processes. Many Americans raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition are convinced that atheists can have no moral compass. See, Christians believe God created the world and "it was good".

The current poll confirms a declining religiosity -- both at home and abroad -- that's been detected in other polls.

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In Ghana, 96 percent of people identified themselves as religious, compared to Nigeria 93 percentArmenia 92 percentFiji 92 percentMacedonia 90 percentRomania 89 percentIraq 88 percentKenya 88 percentPeru 86 percent and Brazil 85 percent.

God has created humans to desire meaning and purpose of their life because it is only found in Him! Another student who is applying for graduate school told how his father recommended he delete any references to atheism from his Facebook page in case it spoiled his chances.

In other words, Atheism does not keep its members for long. Atheism on the rise yahoo dating atheism is more often expressed than it used to be - thanks partly to prominent atheists like Brad Pitt, the actor, and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook - there is still only one declared non-believer among members of the US Congress.

Dan Linford Dermot Tatlow What this means for American 30 years from now is unclear, admitted Dan Linford, the president of the Virginia Tech freethinkers and a graduate student in the philosophy of religion, but he believes that gradual trend towards more openness about religious non-belief will bring social change, just as it has for gays and lesbians.

Atheism Rises, Religiosity Declines In America

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I'm not sure how I feel about that. I don't need to read the Koran to decide I don't believe in Allah.

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Below are some of the tenets of this belief system. But then some objective moral values DO exist.

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I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Indeed, if death is the end, then the best thing to do is to live however makes you feel good—if you only live once, live it up! An Atheist must take on in 'faith' that there really is no God.

Atheists at Virginia Tech - and two young, closet atheists at Liberty interviewed by the Telegraph - also argued that the social shackles that prevent them going public with their atheism could mean that atheism and agnosticism is actually far more prevalent than the polls suggest.

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When you have a bunch of yahoos carrying signs and shouting about how the end is near and we better drink this wine which is actually blood, or we won't get our 72 virgins, everyone is gonna think "Wow, I sure don't want to be caught up in that idiocy".

Some within the movement advocate taking a more conciliatory approach to believers, too.

Atheism Rises, Religiosity Declines In America | HuffPost

Just under 2-in U. Science also destroyed many false believes and superstitions of the old Catholic Church to the relieve of many Christians.

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These things are subject to our tastes, they proclaim. Our species, just like every other species, is destined for extinction. None of our accomplishments, advancements, breakthroughs, triumphs, or heartbreaks will ultimately matter as we face extinction along with our universe.

He concludes that correlations does not necessarily indicate causation in either case. This is the moment where she will be confronted with everything she has grown up believing, and it will be traumatic for her.

About two thirds of Nones say they are former believers; 24 percent are lapsed Catholics and 29 percent once identified with other Christian denominations.

Dating An Atheist Yahoo - dating an atheist yahoo

Statistics are generally collected on the assumption that religion is a categorical variable. Why not just live however we please and do whatever we want?

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Is it the individual, society, a specific government, whoever has the most power or the biggest guns? But there is a God. The Apostle James puts it this way: This is hardly a big enough sample to make a concise conclusion.

Dawkins's harsh approach, said Barbara J. A coalition of nonbelievers is out to make atheism more acceptable, starting with last month's "Reason Rally" on the National Mall in Washington, D.

Atheism—A Good Alternative?

And I have student loans. And yet despite the softening approach of the younger generation towards religion, in this fiercely Bible-minded corner of Virginia, many atheists and agnostics still feel they must live in the shadows.

Atheism offers no purpose to life because no matter how you live or what you do, your fate is the same: Additionally, many of these surveys only gauge the number of irreligious people, not the number of actual atheists, or group the two together.

It is interesting to note that this poll was taken at a time where priests, ministers and nuns were under scrutiny for child abuse - and at a time when Islam became the poster child for violence and terrorism.

Members of secular groups are very likely to be atheists, but also more willing to hold unpopular views and explore new ideas thoroughly.

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In the United States, 60 percent of people said they were religious, while 30 percent were non-religious, and 5 percent were atheist.

Those with a university degree were more likely to be atheists 19 percentwhile seniors over 65 years of age were the most religious, at 66 percent. Methodological issues[ edit ] The demographics of atheism are substantially difficult to quantify.

Atheism: Hopeless, Meaningless, Purposeless | Answers in Genesis

And if objective moral values exist then the question is how? Scandals hurt the faith of others greatly. It makes no difference if we live as a Mother Theresa or a Hitler—indeed who is to say one is better than the other?

They are not "subjectively" but rather "objectively" wrong.

Public Atheism only exists because of religions Proselytizing:

Why does it matter if we make humankind better? Secular group members tended to be less agreeable e. Most of the world's population, however, still considers itself religious.

I love science for doing that!