Silver Audio Hookup Wire - Your Views? Silver Audio Hookup Wire - Your Views?

Audio hookup wire, discussion list

Looks like I may have to build metal dividers around phono PCB if amy hum is still there after everything is assembled into aluminum chassis.

Basic Hookup/Wiring Questions

May be stripped by simply using your fingernails- so no nicking of the conductor with a wire stripper! I have tried Cardas, way too expensive and a pain in the butt with having to removing the enamel coating and really do you need to deal with that. Currently whole project is mounted on prototype chassis made of masonite board.

This process results in a conductor without the typical grain boundaries of conventional wire processing methods.

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The silver plated braid adds the benefit of a low impedance path to ground, and preserves the high-end "sparkle" missing in many copper-based analog IC's.

I used old 70's shielded stereo interconnect cable for hookup. If it has Teflon insulation great one thing I do like about the cardas is the teflon insulation does not melt as quickly, course it needs it cause you have to heat the crap up so much to tin it.

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All transformers are remotely fitted into aluminum enclosure and connecting with preamp via shielded 18 conductor cable. Any trace of hash is gone, and I can hear into the soundstage further than ever before with ANY speaker I've ever heard.

This is super stuff! Natural unbleached cotton, PTFE tape and a proprietary ultra-flexible core material are used to buffer mechanical avtostopom po galaktike online dating, as well as provide flexibility.

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The re-wire took about 6 hours, and I'm thrill by the result. We recommend that your separate amplifiers have identical gain to preserve the speaker's voicing balance. Associated Equipment for this Review: I recently just got a box various colors of 22G hookup wire that was advertised as stranded, it is not and not entirely sure it is even copper.

REVIEW: VH Audio UniCrystal AirLok Hookup Wire Cable

Dabs of silicone aren't holding anything, just for redundant protection. There are 2 relays. If you decide to bi-wire or bi-amp, you the jumpers between the terminal posts.

A beautiful result, more than I had expected or achieved from any other re-wire job I've done. I suppose inside a case solid will be find since it wont be moving, however for the umbilical cord i need to make I would like it to be stranded.

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Click for annotated diagram of Pulsar Cu Quantity discounting applies to Pulsar Cu, and will be calculated automatically when added to the shopping cart. That said, I made a couple of minor crossover changes in consultation with Rick Craig at Selah, and noted that the internal wiring was pretty mediocre looking stranded copper wires.

Click for more details or Read Reviews Quantity discounting applies to the Pulsar Cu, as follows, and will be automatically calculated when you add to the shopping cart: This means the ideal ohm impedance will stay consistent, even for longer runs and awkward or tight bends.

Failure to do this could result in damage to your amplifier and loud- speakers.

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I'm not sure that I've ever hear better, more musical overall reproduction than what I'm getting now. Discounts are applied as follows: The entire Star Quad bundle is then wrapped securely, with two layers of PTFE, to constrain inter-conductor micro-movements.

I'd prefer combination of thin diameter and low capacitance if such exist. By comparison, the dielectric constant of solid Teflon is 2. Quantity discounting applies to this wire, and will be calculated automatically when added to the shopping cart.

Run separate speaker wires to the low and high frequency drivers from a single amplifier the upper set of binding posts are for the high frequency drivers, the lower set of binding posts are for the low frequency drivers: Small transformer in the middle is for remote control volume board.

Looking for shielded hookup wire for tube preamp

Would 24g be what I should be looking for? So- how does it sound? Anyhow, anyone find wire they like? VH Audio is very pleased to announce the Pulsar Ag.

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The maximum sustained temperature rating of degrees C means it can be used confidently inside vacuum tubed electronics. Quantity discounting applies to Pulsar Ag, and will be calculated automatically when added to the shopping cart.

A bit pricey, but by my measures a great bargain! I'd like to use single shielded wire for line level signal and 2 conductor shielded wire for Phono signal.

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Do you guys prefer stranded over solid for hookup wire?