Jon Hamm (and his hair) promise fabulous time on '90s dating show - Oh No They Didn't! Jon Hamm (and his hair) promise fabulous time on '90s dating show - Oh No They Didn't!

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Kennedy fuentes escritas ejemplos yahoo dating admitted in the Best of the Late Show DVD commentary that she was in fact drunk during one of the live sketches.

Molloy supplied the voice for the John Waters' character Sergeant Olden. The sketches exploited Bluey's weight with plentiful fat jokes, as well as many fart noises. Other characters were used intermittently. John Hewson seen in another episode as played by Sitch in prosthetic makeup.

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The twist was that the main character, Shirty, would react harshly to even the smallest insult. The Toilet Break[ edit ] The Toilet Break, as the australian dating show 90s hip suggests, was designed to allow viewers time to use the toilet during the commercial-free show the ABC, being a public broadcasterhas no adverts during shows and minimal amounts of commercials between them, usually only for the ABC Shop.

Park highlight narration examples from Pissweak Town: Other minor characters were revoiced by Cilauro, Molloy and Kennedy. The second season exclusively used clips from Pot Luckwhich were judged by Bernard King.

When the dog was required to bark to alert the others of danger, obvious overdubbing was used over footage of Charlie with his mouth closed or looking distracted.

Bargearse[ edit ] Replacing The Olden Days in the second series of the show, Bargearse was an overdubbed version of Blueya 70s police drama set in MelbourneAustralia.

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The Olden Days was released by the ABC as a VHS video containing all the segments in order, although it has been out of publication for a number of years. Charlie was eventually assassinated in one of the sketches, only to come back in the Charlie the Wonderdog Christmas Episode.

Music Video Parodies[ edit ] Parodies of real songs, complete with highly accurate recreations of music video sets, costumes and wigs.

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After a particularly bad performance Sitch and Cilauro vowed never to do "Geoff and Terry" again and the pair were reborn as "The Oz Brothers". In the interview with "Schwarzenegger" hosted by Molloythe two discuss "Arnie"'s films.

He would fashion detailed plans for each stunt, with an emphasis on "safety". The sketch featured purposely bad overacting from the children and usually involved an unimposing villain or disaster such as a "smuggler" stealing "native fauna"—sticks and twigs—from the bush that had to be prevented.

Sitch and Cilauro primarily used the segment to make Kennedy, who played the interviewer, laugh and forget her lines. Martin did the voice of the star of the show, Governor Frontbottom as well as Judge Muttonchops.

The interview with Paul Keating was a satire of both journalism and politics during the era of Prime Minister Paul Keating going head to head with Opposition Leader Dr. As the series went on, the problems and situations that Charlie faced became more and more over the top.

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The interview with Prince Charles was a to-camera interview as he tours his home, talking about the features interspersed with jabs about how much he loathes things like sex with his wife Diana.

This change left the writers with very little time, and as a result the planned 20 short episodes was cut down to 10, which aired in the second half of series two.

Shitscared[ edit ] Shitscared starred Rob Sitch as a stuntman combining Evel Knievel and Ed Wood in that he was similarly unable to grasp his own sheer incompetence and lack of aptitude in his chosen field compounded by the 'spanner in the works', Mick Molloy as his half-witted assistant and Tom Gleisner as the interviewer.

Sitch played the arrogant expert, who loved to pontificate about "the stunt game". The segment was originally to be an overdubbing of an Australian soap opera, The Young Doctorstitled "Medical Hospital", but the rights to the footage were pulled at the last minute.

Several-minute advertisements for mediocre theme parks with the 'Pissweak' brand name.

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Bargearse was voiced by Martin, while his sidekicks, Ann Bourke and Detective Glen Twenty "Glen 20" is a household disinfectant spray in Australiawere voiced by Lucy and Sitch respectively. This segment aired just before the end of each episode.

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The 2-minute-long segment was played in the middle of every show, featuring old music clips, with a countdown displayed on the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Many episodes ended with a destroyed set, a firearm being shot, or injury to the other characters. The Slightly Aggressive Bear[ edit ] Shirty: It was aired during the first series of the show.

Charlie the Wonderdog[ edit ] Charlie the Wonderdog was a series of 7 short episodes which first aired during The Late Show's second series.

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Although in a "best-of" episode two weeks prior, it was suggested that Shirty was routinely played by Mick. In the last episode of the first series, a sketch revealed that Shirty was played by the "Hando" character from Romper Stomper as played by Russell Crowe.

The segment was created after last-minute changes led to Bargearse's planned twenty episodes being cut down to ten. During the first season, the toilet break consisted mostly of clips from The Natural 7 from The Saturday Show. Charlie was a Golden Retriever owned in real-life by Gleisner.

Geoff and Terry[ edit ] Geoff and Terry Sitch and Cilauro, respectively were two conman entrepreneurs, who would appear regularly with a "new exciting product" or scheme. Whilst the characters often forgot lines and used many corny and humourless jokes, the segment was much loved.

The ABC series Truckies was considered for overdubbing in a segment intended to be titled "Truck Wits", before the writers settled on Bluey. Mick would always manage to ruin Rob's planning, inevitably resulting in physical injury for Rob, which would get him a slap on the back of his head from Rob although Mick was always wearing a crash helmet.

The actors would constantly praise Charlie as a highly intelligent "wonder dog", in contradiction of the behaviour of Charlie himself, who regularly had to be dragged around by a visible rope to perform stunts.