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Brainiac sees a monument to this when he returns to Colu.

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You cannot have a superhero college game without having them able to date. I think since the films are only a year apart it'll be one massive line. Brainiac 5, sensing that this is his moment of destiny, steps in and teleports himself and Brainiac off of New Krypton.

They missed a perfect opportunity to unlock it on Valentine's Day, but when it is not ready, it is not ready. In Action Comics Aug.

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In subsequent appearances in this early period, Brainiac is used mostly as a plot device rather than as a featured villain of the month. Superman uses this distraction to defeat Brainiac. Which characters do you want to see in Suicide Squad?

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The story concludes in the next mini-series, Superman: It would be very interesting for the dating feature to have something like that in the cards. Following the Doomed story arc, it is further revealed that the Pre-Crisis Brainiac somehow escaped the Crisis on Infinite Earth's itself, and mutated from the various crises since, becoming a godly being.

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Brainiac's next present-day appearance is in Action Comics Aprilwhich shows the villain planning to defeat Superman by exposing him to both Red and Green kryptonitegiving Superman a third eye on the back of his head, forcing him to wear various hats to hide it.

I can see a lot of the 67 being cameos or brief appearances Here is the thing, anyone from any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is far game even from the television universe if they wanted so you might get huge battle scenes where they wouldn't have to introduce people, especially given the powers of the Infinity Gems Stones.

He fought Superman via the use of his advanced technology and cunning, similar to Lex Luthor. This virus was intended to dramatically boost his abilities.

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Where Ultron wants to wipe out humanity, Brainiac wants to destroy the planet. Unlike his ancestor, Brainiac 5 used his "twelfth-level intellect" for the forces of good and joined the Legion alongside Supergirlwith whom he fell in love.

Not that I have anything against Bats — he just needs to give his other Justice League colleagues a little space!

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They are either incapacitated by Superman or cut to shreds by Brainiac's ship, and Luthor himself is yanked down deep into the recesses of the Fortress by Brainiac to be converted surgically into a Superman Robot. This is the type of negative spin that movie studios generally seek to avoid.

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More on the comparison later. What then occurs is an all out battle for Colu between all 3 present day Brainiacs. This is really great to see because it means you can find intellectual dates without having to pay anything.

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Dawn of Justice out of the park. This would not be preferred, but it can happen. Sound off in the comments below.

Brainiac later reappeared as a swarm of interlinked nanotechnological units.

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The supernova knocks Superman out, and he is caught and brought onto Brainiac's ship. However, not all of its features have been unlocked yet.

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He learned that everything Brainiac 13 did in the past was designed to ensure things reached the point where Brainiac 13 would be created. His plan is undone when Superman drags him, mothership and all, into a black hole.

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