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The company helps reporters from other media houses in gathering, packaging, and transmitting foreign content. Rustavi 2 prides itself in having some of the most popular TV journalists in Georgia. Terrestrial Coverage The company, with the permission of Georgian Communications National Committee, has installed a total of 41 low power, mid power, and high power analog TV signal transmitters across Georgia over the last 15 years.

Social Media Utilization R2 operates verified Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages through which it interacts with fans.

Also, starting show 'My Kitchen Rules' where you can see how to create teams dishes and dessert, the winner will give money to open it restaurant. Here you can see entertainment shows: Mobile Access Rustavi 2 has in the recent past moved to satisfy its online audience by introducing mobile streaming services.

His presence in the company gives it the much-needed political connections and a massive administrative prowess, both of which are mandatory for corporate growth. If you choose this channel, you will not lose it.

Tabula Rustavi 2 is most popular tv channel in the Georgia, here's many interesting program, live shows, at 12, 15 and 21 o'clock starting Kurieri, please view this channel and give you many information, news and more in Georgia. It has also signed broadcasting contracts with nearly all cable companies in the country in an effort to reach out to the people living in mountainous regions where terrestrial coverage is insufficient.

A majority of the posts on these pages are written in the native Georgian language.

In a bid to serve its audience with real-time daily news, the Rustavi has strategically placed its reporters across Georgia, most of them being concentrated in Zugdidi, Kutaisi, Poti, Batumi, and Gori among other big cities.

The channel was created inRustavi 2 is first TV to the Georgia with rating. Besides the native language of the Republic of Georgia, R2 also broadcasts in English. Local and International Reporters.

Internationally, the company works with permanent correspondents based in Russia, Belgium, and the United States.

Rustavi 2 is inarguably the biggest broadcasting company in Georgia today. The Tbilisi-based company was incepted in as a privately-owned media house and has over the year managed to build a strong reputation for reliability, unbiased reporting, and rich content.

Vano's show, Nanukas show and Profile. It is a private company and prepares diverse and high quality licensed programs, broadcast latest news, political talk show, entertainment and sports programs.

Every Sunday to the channel