Stock Investing – The REAL DEAL on Options Back Dating and what it means for Stock Investing Stock Investing – The REAL DEAL on Options Back Dating and what it means for Stock Investing

Back dating stock options is fair for the investment community, your answer

Corporations and Individual Stocks

These investors would enter into an opposite transaction than investors in derivatives: These dating lancelot film the current ratio, debt to equity, accounts receivable and inventory turnovers, the rate of return, and the number of times the interest is being met.

The purpose of this article is to clear the air, and inform you as some one in need of stock market information just what you need to know about this scandal. Various pricing models are used, especially the Black-Scholes formulawhich is commonly used to valuate exchange-traded options.

They will have cash available because of the payout from the issuer if they do not choose to reinvest, but any new bonds will probably be at a lower rate of interest. It seems unlikely that the market value of an employee stock option will be equal to its actual expense to the company, for they are not really connected.

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Backdating Options

This would include future contracts and collectibles. A measure of safety is the number of times the interest charge is being met. Because the stated rate and the face amount are fixed, the only change that can be made is to adjust the market price.

The facts cannot be made unclear or confusing.

Backdating Options - The Daily Reckoning

For example,barrels of oil, or ounces of gold, or 20 bushels of corn. You must be careful in using ratios. In the financial news we often hear of executives being compensated with stock options. This means that corporations will have less time to backdate their grants or pull any other behind-the-scenes trickery.

The first form is an outright salary grant. But everyone from executives to sell-side analysts recommend you back out this new expense when calculating earnings potential. Another related measure is the dividend yield which is computed by dividing the dividend paid by the current market price.

There are also spot markets for commodities like gold, oil, and corn. Backdating is properly reflected in earnings. While reports of past indiscretions are likely to continue to surface, the good news is that companies will be less likely to mislead investors in the future.

The companies just want a lower expense number, which will result in higher reported earnings. Settlement can either be in cash or in delivery of the underlying asset. He never sold any justhookup register2vote it and so he never had to pay any tax on it.

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This is the same as people who refinance their mortgages when real estate rates are declining, especially if that obligation has several years to maturity.

You pay cash and receive a bar of gold, a barrel of oil, or a bushel of corn. Say it jumps to fifteen dollars. It has also been the subject of a civil and a criminal complaint. If a corporation wishes to maintain a history of dividends but elects not to pay out cash, it will declare a stock dividend.

Both the regulators and the investment community might be content to set some precedents based on a limited set of egregious backdating cases to send a signal that backdating and similar behavior will be punished severely.

To the extent that companies comply with this new regulation, backdating should be greatly curbed.

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A NY Times article describes this case in greater detail the article is available hereand so does a article in Tax Notes Magazine available here. The debtor responsibilities are spelled out in a legal document call the indenture.

Futures are traded on a futures exchange.

Evaluating employee stock options

The number who received grants was 2. Note, however, that many of these firms no longer exist as independent public firms.

This is a complicated mathematical formula that is best computed by a finance or accounting professional. Thus, an artificially low exercise price might alter the tax payments for both the company and the option recipient.

This practice requires at least a nominal investment on the part of the option holder if he or she wishes to exercise.

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The total cost to shareholders, in this case, has been staggering. Among the agencies that could be knocking on the door are the Justice Department for lying to investors, which is a crimeand the IRS for filing false tax returns. Preferred stock dividends are a fixed amount expressed in dollars if the stock is no-par.

Well, I hope I have just demonstrated the importance of expensing option grants. There is a classic way to represent this, a pyramid which reflects the proportion of assets you should allocate to each level of risk. Thus, if backdating explains the stock price pattern around option grants, the price pattern should diminish following the new regulation.

This pioneering study was published in the Journal of Finance inand is definitely worth reading. Voice of America Special English. On the surface - at least compared to some of the other shenanigans executives have been accused of in the past - the options backdating scandal seems relatively innocuous.

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While this is just a theoretical estimate, it is conservative, because I am not including the tech bubble years, when the gap between strike and market prices was far wider.

Delivered twice a week, straight to your inbox. How many firms will be caught for having backdated grants? In others, the costs may be in the tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

The four graphs of hypothetical grants below illustrate this. Even doing that math right, with a bad outcome, loses. It is calculated by dividing by the turnover ratio. The discount price, on the other hand, increases the amount of interest earned if held to maturity because the purchase price was less than face value but they are being redeemed at the higher price.

S and municipal bonds, and mutual funds which primarily invest in government bonds and government agencies. Though the estate will have to pay tax on the fair market value of the stock when Jobs died, the beneficiaries of the shares can sell the stock and pay tax only on the price difference between the sale price and that fair market value.

Because backdating is typically not reflected properly in earnings, some companies that have recently admitted to backdating of options have restated earnings for past years.

These include, among others, the stated rate of interest, interest payment dates, covenants required, and security. In a second study forthcoming in the Journal of Financial Economics available at http: This is a statistic used to measure how much a particular stock moves in relation to the total market.

When the market price was above the strike price of the call option, it definitely had value to the CEO. Other common derivatives are futures contracts and forward contracts.

Again, comparisons are important. First, if a day look-back period is used when backdating options, the stock price on the purported grant date will not necessarily be at a low for the period centered on this date, and there are likely to have been many other prices during the year that were significantly lower.