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She explains that she has already lost one son to the war. When Drew awakens, he wanders alone, swearing that he'll kill Jake if he ever sees him again.

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Jake runs a gang of petty thieves who steal purses and rob children of their pocket change. Once inside, he purloins various household items until Drew sees him and attacks, demanding his money back.

When the soldiers leave, Drew emerges from his hiding place. He pistol-whips Drew again and takes the money.

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At the Dixon home, the soldiers search for Drew Barry Brown despite his mother's protest. Big Joe's gang has killed them, and as Jake and Drew bury their bodies, Hobbs leads the thugs to attack them, despite Big Joe's warning that they would bungle the job.

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Flat broke, the gang tries unsuccessfully to mount a string of robberies, which results in Arthur running away with a stagecoach which he was supposed to be robbing and Boog being shot and killed while running with a pie stolen from a window sill.

The posse captures Big Joe's gang, and as Drew guards Jake, he realizes how guilty he is by lying about his money.

Drew helps him escape during the night, but after a few days of riding, he realizes that there is no buried money.

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The soldiers throw the boy in a wagon with other boys, one of whom is also dressed as a woman to avoid conscription. Drew declines, citing his morals. Sure enough, Jake and Drew manage to kill all four thugs, and as Drew leans over Hobbs to retrieve his watch, he reveals a hole in his boot.

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Before he is hanged for taking part in the raid, one of Joe's men confirms to Drew that Jake has joined up with the gang. Loney demands that Drew demonstrate his worth by committing a robbery and bringing in some money.

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During the robbery, Jake aims his gun at Big Joe, but doesn't have the nerve to fire. Jake orders Boog to clean the rabbit, but Boog declines. Jake is stunned to realize that no one in the gang knows how to clean the rabbit.

Eventually, they come across the Logan brothers' corpses hanging from a tree. Drew joins the posse in order to get his revenge on Jake.

In the final scene, as they approach a town, Jake asks Drew, "So how'd that Jane Eyre turn out in the end?

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The next day, a settler and his wife are returning from the West, where they went bust. After a long struggle, Jake finally bests Drew and convinces him that he has no choice but to join his gang, as the Army will catch him if he tries to board a wagon train as is his plan. When they spy a rabbit, all six of them shoot at it, barely managing to kill it.

Joseph, MissouriDrew is approached by Jake Rumsey Jeff Bridges who pistol-whips him and takes his money in an alley. Jake assumes that Drew will kill him, but Drew swears instead to stick with Jake until he has repaid every cent that he owes Drew. Seeing smoke on the horizon, he investigates, only to find that it was the result of a burning barn, set afire during a raid by Big Joe.

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At night, Drew reads to everyone from Jane Eyre. The gang heads West, hoping to improve their fortunes. While Drew is recovering at a minister's house, Jake arrives to return the purse that one of his gang stole from the minister's wife, hoping to collect a reward.

The gang finally disintegrates for good when the Logan brothers rob Jake and Drew, taking his brother's watch and the horses. Jake introduces Drew to his gang of thieves: Moments later, they exit, dragging a boy in a dress who is frantically resisting them.

He demonstrates how to do it, but his barely contained disgust reveals that he is skinning his first rabbit.

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Left with only a mule, Jake and Drew wander aimlessly. The following morning, Big Joe David Huddleston and his thugs, led by Hobbs Geoffrey Lewiscome upon the boys while they are still asleep. Plot[ edit ] A group of soldiers pulls up to a modest white house and goes inside.