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When I originally started growing weed, I was worried about excess heathigh electricity billsand making sure I was as stealthy hid ballast hook up possible. Did you check eBay?

When using just HPS for the whole grow without using HPS during vegetativeyou are more likely to get stretchy growth in the vegetative stage unless you train your plants to grow short.

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The hood will reflect the light from the bulbs down at your plants, and may come with special cooling features, too. This way, the units can be matched up.

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Mattress tags that must not be ballast hook up. Some hardware stores will have a cross reference book that will show you all of the model types of ballasts that will work for your replacement.

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Because of the large inductors and capacitors that must be used, reactive ballasts operated at line frequency tend to be large and heavy. Think of your ballast as a power source for your HID bulbs. Mount the ballast inside the mounting bracket first, then hook up the wires.

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Electrically, a dead, burned out lamp is the same thing as capping off the wires. Since the voltage drop across all the heaters in series was usually less than the full mains voltage, it was necessary to provide a ballast to drop the excess voltage. Also, pay attention to what color each wire is, as same colored wires usually go together, but sometimes they don't.

This step will help make sure your fan is moving enough air to properly ventilate your space. Ballast wiring can be a bit tricky, but it's not really that difficult to do, if you pay attention.

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Used GE Ultramax ballasts. What should be the voltage at the lamp socket? This way, the heavy weight of the ballast won't be hanging down, possibly loosening up some of the wired connections.

Use the electrical testers to verify this. Have you read any of the replies here?

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Shampoo bottles that demand you use it twice. At the same time you want to keep bulbs as close to your plants as possible, so you want to keep an even canopy.

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You will optimize your brightness in a smaller space by keeping the light as close to the plants as possible without burning your plants. Short-circuit Power Factor Compensation: Therefore, like with the ballast, I recommend getting the best bulbs you can afford.

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They are dinosaurs and energy hogs. Chances are, sure, there's one or two dark ones here or there. Hid ballast hook up - I don't want to burn down my house. Thx for your help your schematic and answersolved my problem.

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But now I know I can just upgrade the bulbs n ballast, thanks. If you don't have any experience using the crimping tool, you might want to practice on a few old pieces of wiring so you can get the hang of it.

I think most hobbyist growers would be happier with a W, or even two W lights, over a W. For longer lasting bulbs….

How to hook-up a 240v hid ballast.have no wiring diagram…

With common sense and the right tools, the job can be done safely and correctly. Practical lighting design calculations must allow for ballast loss in estimating the running cost of a lighting installation.

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This unit has a multi tap ballast with a dry cap. He lives in Oakland, Calif. Then just go down the line and hook up one ballast at a time. Ballast hook up of the large inductors and capacitors that must be used, reactive ballasts operated at line frequency tend to be large and heavy.