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Oh Lis, thank you. Flirtxchange social tv then proceeds to say "Anytime, chummmmmmmmmmmmmmp".

With the change in my piggy bank. Well, I didn't want hungry birds pecking my soul forever.

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The episode is often used by secondary schools in religious education courses as a teaching resource. Sanjay to the entrance with the Windex. In the morning, an annoyed Comic Book Guy tells Bart that he does not have said piece of paper anymore, refuses to disclose who he sold it to and tells him to go home.

In desperation, Bart makes a late-night attempt to retrieve his soul, having to travel across town where Milhouse and his parents are staying with his grandmother.

I can't take this anymore! That night, he rests easy with the pets curled at his feet. How could you tell on me? A despondent Bart walks home in the rain, and in his room dejectedly prays to God for his soul.

Lisa also taunts Bart with a dinnertime prayer, leading him to make a desperate, bart sells his soul online dating attempt to get the piece of paper back.

The Simpsons - Season 7, Episode 04: Bart Sells His Soul

Bart tries to leave the Kwik-e-Mart, only to run into the automatic door again. He finds Milhouse playing maniacally with the piece of paper.

That Bart right there! Not any of the ones you know of.

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What would they have to gain? Run for your life, boy! A raven outside looks at Milhouse and squawks menacingly.

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In the end, he gets it back with the help of an unexpected source. This is getting weird. Oh, it can swim. He hands Bart and Milhouse cleaning brushes, then goes to his office.

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But every religion says there's a soul, Bart. But you know, Bart, some philosophers believe that nobody is born with a soul - that you have to earn one through suffering and thought and prayer, like you did last night. Bart, come with me for punishment. It can be ours!

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I'm afraid some weirdo's got my soul and I don't know what they're doing to it! Come on, Milhouse, there's no such thing as a soul. However, the 2 a. Bart begins to suspect he really did lose his soul, and sets out to get it back.

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Frustrated, Bart throws a meatball at Lisa. There's no change in your piggy bank.

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Some ice cream guy's gonna see that, and it'll blow his mind. In his office, Reverend Lovejoy places the tithe money in a money segregator.

Bart Sells His Soul

It's me, Bart Simpson. In the subplot, Moe wants to expand his customer base by turning his tavern into a family restaurant called Uncle Moe's Family Feedbagstyled a la T. The restaurant is a resounding failure, forcing Moe to revert the restaurant back into his run-down tavern.

Way to breathe, No-Breath! At the end of the minute song, the exhausted organist collapses on the organ. Lisa tells Bart that he will regret selling his soul, but Bart is still disbelieving. Bart runs into the automatic door at the Kwik-E-Mart.

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I don't have a soul, you don't have a soul, there's no such thing as a soul! Why would they lie? I know one of you is responsible for this, so repeat after me: He tries to breathe on the door, but no condensation forms.

Happy to do it.