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The two kiss and Bela tells Rodrigo that she is a virgin.

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Berenice panics when Dinho threatens to kill her if she says anything to Ricardo. They bust into Samantha and Armando's room and take Armando's wallet. Haroldo sends Elvira to the agency to see how well Bela's new look was received. Elvira asks Nelson to print up some raffle tickets so they can help Haroldo to raise money to fix up the salon.

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Rodrigo tells Bela that nobody has ever understood him as well as she does. Bela tells Luzia about her date with Bernardo. Armando and Ivo get in another bela a feia online dating and when Samantha arrives afrointroduction australia dating site unleashes a verbal tirade at Ivo.

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In order to keep Bela from quitting, Rodrigo promises to increase her salary in order to compensate for her having to coexist with Adriano at the agency.

Luzia finds Nelson attractive, so she tries to flirt with him, but he doesn't notice.

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At the time of the raffle drawing, Elvira picks the winning ticket, which happens to belong to Nelson. Regina delivers her salgados to Clemente's bar for the party. General Director Edson Spinello was tasked with overseeing the project, with the adaptation being written by Gisele Joras, instead of by Margareth Boury, as had been reported earlier.

Ivo is clearly more interested in Elvira, and before long he calls her and asks her out on a date. Olga meets with Ricardo and they get into an argument.

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She then asks her parents for a DNA test, so she can be certain. When Ivo and his date arrive for dinner, Rodrigo is pleasantly surprised to see that Ivo is with Elvira, and he tells Ivo that Elvira happens to be Bela's sister. Midori invites Ivo to move with her and Ivinho to Japan.

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Ivo visits Rodrigo at the agency and tells him about his fling with Samantha. Bela would have a sister, Elvira, who works in a beauty salon, just like Hilda on "Ugly Betty". Vanda goes to see Diego to tell him that now that her expense accounts have been frozen, she can't rent an apartment for him.

Max is working with Jacinto, one of Clemente's employees, at the bar when Nelson enters. Vanda promises to help Diego to find a new apartment.

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Ludmila is happy when Samantha agrees to give Armando another chance, but Samantha doesn't know what to say when Armando asks her if she has seen Ivo again. Clemente, meanwhile, asks Max if he can help him by working in the bar. Unfortunately, just as they start to kiss, Bela is awakened by Clemente.

Ricardo tells her that she has to remain there, so Vera throws a glass at him and hits him in the head.


We learn that when Bela was a child she was part of a juvenile comedy duo, along with a boy named Dinho Aguiar. Bernardo goes to Adriano's house and tells him about the kidnapping, particularly about how bravely Bela stepped in to save him.

Vanda, curious about Ariosto's recent strange behavior, snoops through the pockets of his clothes and finds the mini-Montezuma that Magdalena gave him. Diogo, who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCDis furious when he sees that objects on his desk are not exactly where they're supposed to be, so he takes his anger out on Mariana.

Vanda brings Diego to see the apartment she has found for him.

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While rushing away from the scene, they accidentally back up into Bela, knocking her into the back of the truck. Armando arranges a rendezvous with a woman he met on the beach, but when they try to get intimate he is disconcerted to realize that he can't perform. At the event, Bela introduces her family to Rodrigo, while Diogo and Diego make fun of Bela's appearance.

Dinho and Ataulfo leave to get rid of the stolen truck, so Bela takes advantage of their absence and sneaks into the house.

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Rodrigo starts to get curious about his mother, so he asks Olga to share her memories of Vera. After lunch, Bela and Bernardo come out of the restaurant and Dinho and Ataulfo, masked and wielding guns, pull the pickup truck to the curb and force Bernardo to get inside.

Diego invites Vanda over to dinner and she breaks down in tears while telling him about how Ariosto has cut off her money. Bela then goes to Haroldo's Montezuma salon for a makeover, but the results only earn her more scorn at the office.

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Magdalena invites Ariosto to have lunch with her at Clemente's bar. When Bela lashes out at Rodrigo for going back on his word, Rodrigo asks her if she is romantically involved with Bernardo.

He responds that his relationship with Vanda can't really be called a marriage. Rodrigo presents the doctored balance sheets to Ricardo, who is very proud of the results.

Nelson decides to steal Clemente's samba before he has a chance to register it. Samantha is stunned when she hears of her daughter's treachery. Dinho asks her if she can wrangle an invitation for him and his father. For promotional purposes, Haroldo purchases a large supply of miniature toys in the image of the warrior Montezuma, but with cheesy hairstyles.