Ranking Every Call Of Duty Campaign From Worst To Best Ranking Every Call Of Duty Campaign From Worst To Best

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Ghosts Call of Duty Ghost really wasn't that hell of a game, I personally hated Extinction and the Multiplayer was meh, but if you ever get Ghosts, you should get it for the campaign, I really loved it, trough the story you slowly learn to know the characters.

Ranking The Top Five Call of Duty Campaigns

While the series is mostly known for its multiplayer exploits, its campaigns are truly what make the series so great. It is so deep and intricate. There are so many different endings it makes you want to play it again to get them all!

Here are ten atrocious missions along with five of the greatest. While it's realistic, there are a number of fast-paced movie-like moments, including an best call of duty campaign yahoo dating car chase where you are launching RPGs at pursuing Nazis.

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Black Ops took us to Vietnam to tell a story that is more about the characters and less about the setting, which is arguably still the only time the series has done that. The multiplayer is by far the fastest paced in clima actopan hidalgo yahoo dating series and does a good job at ridding the game from campers.

But not all campaigns were created equal, of course. A lot of people don't like MW3, but it's honestly my second favorite. Black Ops It feels fresh every time you replay it. MW had that amazing sniper level, but 2 dialed the action up all across the board.

However, it also does a lot of other little things right that add up to a more-than-decent whole.

Whats the best call of duty single player campaign?

We decided to focus on the later games because, among them, there is a far greater gap between the great missions and the repulsive garbage. Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 2 was masterful, split into three different stories depicting the Americans, Soviets, and the Brits.

It is even above boyfriend campaigns. You can't make it without them, so in turn that bond is strengthened and everpresent just the way the studio intended.

I was really hoping for a Ghosts 2, with the critics of the community and fans they could make the Multiplayer etc. It was, at the time, the most unflinching depiction of war the series had done to date too.

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It can't even be called a cliffhanger, its not worthy of that title. I really felt like I was defending the U. Anyway, this is kind of hard for me. As is the case with a few other levels in the "terrible" part of this list, there are some interesting elements to "Loki", the second to last mission in the game.

Gamers had played war shooters for years and years, almost always taking place during WWII. Be forewarned, we're going with the assumption that you've played the games as even the most recent has been out for over half a year, the spoilers will be plentiful.

Simple concept yet amazing plot.

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This one one that has to be the best out to date. This game is supposed to have the best storyline in Call of Duty history, simple and sweet It should be at the top The Contenders 11 Call of Duty: The BioShock like mechanics is also worth a mention. Call of Duty 4: This campaign is one of the best campaigns in gaming history!

V 11 Comments 9 Call of Duty: Mixing in real-life political figures and a load of conspiracy elements prominent in the '60s, Black Ops ends up being the most over-the-top Call of Duty campaign to date.

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The sole reason it happened was to make a piss poor excuse for a sequel that it doesn't deserve. Modern Warfare made a new setting exhilarating and mainstream in a way nothing else to date ever had in I actually played the multiplayer more, and I don't care about the multiplayer.

I just thought the story was lazily written.

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If true, it'll surely be an exciting rush of nostalgia. Nothing more, nothing less.

Which is the Best Call of Duty Campaign? - IGN

And, not to forget, the final climactic showdown with series protagonist Vladimir Makarov finally putting you into the boots of Captain Price after three games of him gruffly shouting in your ear. The single driving narrative is fairly strong because of this and even the set-up turns out to be pretty cool.

However, this somehow works in its favour, as it feels very much in keeping with the action taking place. While the use of a tank sounds like it might be a nice change of pace from infantry work, the mission was too easy considering how late it came in the campaign, and nothing particularly interesting happened throughout.

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This is one of the few games that I just keep playing the campaign over and over even years after it was released in fact I have just recently started its campaign again I played this as a little kid and I have flash backs and it just reminds me how good this game was best Call of Duty ever Best campaing V 12 Comments 3 Call of Duty 4: It's a jarring experience, that kicks off as you witness your own execution and never slows down from there.

I never finished three, but it was fine from what I played. It was just a decoy! Eschewing the near-future motif and fully embracing a move into space combat, Infinite Warfare decides to have a little fun with its setting.

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For everyone who enjoyed Call of Duty WAW's campaign, this story is connected to it in a couple of ways including the return of some characters and a mission entirely set-up in the 's after WWII. Modern Warfare High point: WWII, going away from the horrible futuristic direction that was plaguing the series.

Which is the Best Call of Duty Campaign?

Offensive on the Olympus Mons The game that actually inspired this list. It also featured the Eastern Front of the where, where the Nazis were driven off by the Russians.

I thought oh bad guy we kill, but no after we kill the bad guy we get some wicked inception At first I was like "This campaign is garbage", but once you complete the last mission and take hours to understand what happened in the last mission you think to yourself "This is the best campaign out of all Campaigns" 15 Call of Duty 2: This did happen during World War II, no matter how much we want to forget about it; the view was a Krout was a Krout, much like how people today view Nazis, even though some who fought for the Nazis were forced to not all and some were simply kids fighting for their country.