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Before I could slide away—actually I would have had nowhere to slide, because Brody and his girlfriend Grace were making out right next to me—Will grabbed my wrist and brought my hand to his lips. As the sparks start to fly, Will wants to get serious.

I just moved here. Making a hot guy laugh was my nirvana. New kids at school were rare. This mascara brush flirt the story of Will and Tia, and they were voted….

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If this was the first thing Will learned about our town, he was my kind of guy. Along with six or seven other people from school, I was sitting on a bench built into the porch railing, and the cooler was underneath me.

Then, without opening it, he swiped it across his forehead. Girls were going to be all over this guy: She's also the school's official drunken party girl, who has a steady friend with benefits for when "nobody more intriguing is available" and she likes it that way.

And Will came off as a total sweetie. What started as a lighthearted fling is about to get very complicated… Biggest Flirts is my first book by Jennifer Echols. Getting voted Biggest Flirts with Will is, well, awkward.

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Biggest Flirts is great for flirty fun if you are looking to get lost in a nice book for a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun to read.

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As the sparks start to fly, Will wants to get serious. But that cliche completely works for me. All of the prizes, terms and conditions of the giveaway should be contained below a Rafflecopter giveaway About Jennifer Echols Jennifer Echols was born in Atlanta and grew up in a small town on a beautiful lake in Alabama—a setting that has inspired many of her books.

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Our small town was stuck in the forgotten northwest corner of Pinellas County, on the very edge of the Tampa Bay metropolitan area. The drumming thread in Echols's Dirty Little Secret romance, first in the Superlatives series, gives Tia and Will needed dimension despite their steamy instant connection, it's hard to buy into their banter as legitimate chemistry or dialogue.

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I know, what the heck have I been waiting for?? And her first order of business?

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The plot uses the good ole: But most of them were, again, elderly men in banana hammocks. Some tourists came through here. The families who serviced the snowbirds and tourists had lived here forever. Anyway, the waiter at the restaurant seemed cool at first.

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In the sober light of day, he probably ranked right up there with the eighty-year-old men who wore Speedos to the beach. I can easily see myself gobbling up book after book outside by the pool.

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A few newcomers did move here. Tia just wants to have fun. I think both my little sisters fell in love with him. Most of the furniture showed up, but apparently the refrigerator got off-loaded in Ohio. But then when school started Will was flirting with Tia and dating someone else, and he went down a little in my book.

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Tia has some issues because of her older sisters dealings with guys. Since this book was a cute and fun summer read.

But Tia's plans to avoid love and long-term boyfriends are in flux after new-guy Will arrives in Miami from Minnesota. Reading this book contributed to these challenges: That was cool with me.

What started as a one-time drunken hookup is suddenly causing havoc in Will's and Tia's lives, especially after they are both elected Biggest Flirts for the yearbook. I loved making people laugh. It was a lot of fun, and I love the idea behind the series.

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I was not by the beer. But pushing Will away drives him into the arms of another girl. Warm fuzzies crept across my skin. Getting voted Biggest Flirts with Will is, well, awkward.

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What drew me in despite my misgivings was the diamond stud in his ear. They told me I would find you by the beer. My friend Sawyer had shown up only a couple of years before, but even his dad had grown up here.

I ended up enjoying both of them a lot. I reached into the cooler, my braids brushing the porch floor.

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Technically I was above the beer. Tia just wants to have fun. I was just trying to figure out what an ahffen was. But pushing Will away drives him into the arms of another girl.