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There are at least two permanent segments, which has defined the Brother School format: Dispatch Hypes and Underwhelms: Jo In-Sung is a very popular actor, especially after finishing his successful run in That Winter, the Wind Blowsbut the news of him and Kim Min-hee seems to have come and gone like the wind.

Classical Culture Class - a segment is all about pop culture references to forgotten decades.

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Second Period — a segment which usually comes after the permanent segments and varies between guests. The highlight of "Imagination Time" Hangul: In fact, Koreans consider date hookup messages botaki and beyond the perfect age to be heading towards marriage.

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Lee Sang-min Time — formally introduced in ep. Music Class Songstagram — a segment where the guests had created a list of songs with a specific theme of their preference. Guess About Me — a segment where the guests had prepared several questions related to themselves.

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Dancestagram — formally introduced in ep. The guests usually end it in a challenge where they need to defeat every cast members consecutively. Entrance Application — a segment where the guests filled an application form beforehand in which one of the cast members would read and the others would comment on them.

It varies from counselling sessions, art class and physical education class. This week, the saga continues with a new celebrity couple revelation—Kim Min-hee and Jo In-sung.


A notable aspect of the show is the usage of the banmal Hangul: The release was underwhelming, but it did get Dispatch the attention they wanted. Many internet users mentioned that only a top scandal like outing a gay couple or revealing a superstar A-list couple can grab their attention. The segment varies each episode in terms of missions, but the members team and the guests must complete them within 99 seconds.

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Just how far will they go to give readers what they want? The segment focused on the cast members' effort in guessing all of them in the correct order. The comments on the articles made it even clearer that for news outlets to elicit the reaction they want from readers, the scandals are going to have to keep getting bigger— which raises the question: The informal speech and casual setting also encourages the guests and cast to interact with each other as schoolmates often do, leading them to be comfortable enough to tease one another.

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In most cases, the guests made suggestions on the activities for this segment. If a team managed to complete them, the other team is given a chance to produce a better time record.

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The revelation of a top star couple is expected at some point, but outing gay celebrities could devastate both careers and personal lives. This format has received praise from the viewers which led to significant increase in ratings and popularity of the program after several episodes have aired.

Some of the questions are vague or extremely private in which the guests had never revealed to the public.

If it had been a revelation like ex-superstar couple Song Hye-kyo and Hyun Bin, then it would have gotten a very vocal response. Three No's No Concept, No Basis, No Script — a segment which revolves around an ad-libbed skit where the cast members and guests were not given any dialogue or definite story line.

[Updated] Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee Confirmed to be Dating

The episodes may also feature either of the following segments, usually within, in between, or following the above permanent segments: These episodes do not follow the Brother School format.

Brother School[ edit ] The current format from episode 17 explores the high school concept where the cast members act as students in a classroom while the guests would come as newly transferred students.

Most of the segments for this format portrays activities that every student would do with their classmates. Let's Play — a short segment when the guests would challenge the cast members on a game, which the former are confident in winning, usually by unorthodox means such as on-the-spot rules.

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Hints, such as date of release, characteristics, or "Jonghyun's game" as it was introduced in ep. They can only rely on the overall theme of the particular week's skit and their own comedic timing. We did and it came as a minor surprise to many, but not really a shock for most.

Imagination Time - a segment which starts with a warm up, like drawing something from shapes, and guessing lip-synced words. A highlight of this segment is the guests preference on which cast members they would like or would not like to sit next to them.

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For them to make such a bold statement indicated that it would be a major industry couple that would cause a stir. They should have just revealed the information, instead of trying to generate hype before the announcement.

Subsequently, the program would sometimes diversify at the end with a segment outside of the school concept.