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Blendtec or vitamix blender raw foodists dating, love vegan desserts?

Four different high speed blenders.

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You will notice this recipe has Hemp Hearts in the crust. I cannot make the same quality of dips, sauces, desserts, smoothies, and ice cream is out of the picture. Not only does it help me create all my raw vegan dishes, but it saves me tons of time.

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Because of this, a tamper is less necessary to push food into the blades - there are blades in the middle and on top! If this is too much bother for you, you can make individual tarts in a cupcake liner and muffin tin. So there we are.

Commercial Blenders & Smoothie Makers For Food Service

JTC Omniblend sec - Professional RawMID blenders Dream coped with the task due to power and the special shape of the knife — unlike competing models, they have serrated blades. Lastly, it has two locking mechanisms that sound like a wonderful safeguard but are actually quite annoying.

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JTC Omniblend L 32hp and equip with plastic fungi broke down — now you need to order a new fungus, and to replace.

I usually use a 6-inch cake pan when making raw desserts.

Raw Vegan Lemon Cheesecake

It has a programmable base with watts of power only less than the HealthMaster! I am unable to edit the recipe due to some technical issues. Second, even though the base of the pitcher is larger my Vitamix pitcher is taperedit has problems with small amounts of food.

It does make small batches of things rather well and I was able to make a few dishes with ease my Orange UnChickenGreen Smoothies!

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This cake is primarily made of nuts and coconut oil. When performing heavy tasks is also important to consider the quality of the "fungus" that connects the knife and the engine compartment. When trying to make a dip out of cashews, for example, you need to run the dip setting two to four times to get the same consistency with the Vitamix.

First, like the Blendtec, even though the base of the pitcher is larger my Vitamix pitcher is taperedI have problems doing small amounts of food. Just my two cents BUT…there are some major drawbacks. I hope this helped!!!!

Blender Comparison

I still recommend the Vitamix. I got used to it quickly, but my friend said she was less likely to work with it because of this feature. The Blendtec has a broader based pitcher — easier to get your food out and nothing gets trapped under the blades.

I bought my high powered blender the instant I decided the raw lifestyle was worth investing into. However, it has more than HALF the wattage of the blender watts! Raw desserts are often loaded with nutrient dense foods.

Sure, they aren't raw vegan, but they are homemade from scratch and encourage you to move away from processed foods. All that kitchen chemistry can go haywire! Dessert waits for no repairman. The answer is in the ingredients.

RAW Mediterranean Soup recipe made using a Vitamix or Blendtec commercial blender on Vimeo

Market leaders in the commercial blenders Blendtec and Vitamix America also features plastic fungi. It's a good machine, but you can get a Vitamix for roughly the same price. The Basic comes with a 32 oz. A 6 inch cake should easily feed four people. Many online videos showing how bar blenders Vitamix and Blendtec are unable to grasp the whole fruit.

My experiences with each machine have evolved and I've used a new appliance, the Ninja, which I need to add to the mix! First, it does not come with a tamper — an instrument to push food into the blades.

About that cake pan, I recommend using a springform or Cake Ring. People are always asking if there are other blenders out there that are cheaper, yet have the same performance.

Features professional blenders

The only problem with the Vitamix? This machine is wonderfully unique in that it has multiple blades. From Vitamix, the problem is that the upper blades pointing up, and the Blendtec is that the knife is quite long and consists of only 2 blades, besides, blendtec is no pusher.

The motor is ridiculously loud and slightly smelly which the manufacturer says will wear off within six months. If a machine has a warranty, I would trust a company that has been around more then ten years and has perfected the craft that they are in.

Vitamix Blender – The Original

The grinding of dried fruits in large quantities is a huge load, which can lead to rapid wear of the motor of the blender and breakdown of the machine.

I can make a full 64 ounces of Green Smoothie in my Vitamix, but you can only fill the 44 oz container half way! The recipe calls for Canned Coconut Milknot the coconut beverage that is sold in boxes. In the next test, where we crushed grams of dried fruit without adding water, a satisfactory result only showed 4 models: I also line the sides with strips of acetate or parchment so it can slide out easily.

I always recommend buying Factory Reconditioned! Each of the machines listed come with recipe books that are definitely a part of the price - wonderful recipes that get you to use the machine and eat healthier. Raw Vegan Ice cream, here we come!