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Alex reboots Blinky, appearing to have reverted to factory settings, and asking Alex "will you be my best friend? Alex goes into another rage with Blinky, throwing an electronic tablet at him.

The tablet simply shatters glass throughout the room, causing no damage to Blinky. That evening, both parents are eating dinner at the table, with Blinky present and Alex's seat empty.

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After seeing an advertisement for a domestic robot named 'Blinky', he asks his parents for one for Christmas, hoping that it will bring his family together as is shown in the advert. The last shot shows Blinky as he kills his next victim, himself and the camera covered in blood, as he carries out Alex's past 'commands' to kill everybody.

The police arrive at the house blinkytm online dating Blinky is cleaning up supposedly the parents' blood. Plot[ edit ] In the near future, where robotics have greatly evolved, Alex Max Records is looking for the normal loving family that he doesn't have - his parents played by Jenni Fontana and James Nardini are always too busy fighting with each other to worry about the effect on him.

Alex gets even angrier and blames the mess on Blinky, so Blinky retreats to the kitchen to 'clean', counting down from 10 and grabbing an electric knife from the drawers, proclaiming "ready or not, here I come".

After obtaining Blinky and playing with him for a while, shown in a home-video style montage, Alex feels disappointment in the fact that Blinky hasn't changed anything and his parents continue to argue.

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After leaving Blinky to count down from 1 million outside in the rain in a game of Hide and Seek, Alex becomes frustrated and gives Blinky multiple conflicting orders, such as telling him to be still and at the same time cleaning up, as well as telling him to kill both his parents, himself, and everyone else in his rage, leading Blinky to malfunction.

Eventually, Alex becomes tired of the robot and ignores him, even when Blinky persistently asks to play games. Soon afterwards, Blinky starts to behave abnormally, such as showing up in Alex's room overnight, and continuing the count down from before. The next day the family dog appears to be gone, with Alex believing that the robot had something to do with it.

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As Alex's mother asks Blinky if he has seen Alex, the robot replies that he is right there at the table, and reveals that he has carried out the mother's 'command' from before: Blinky's advertisement and conduct at this point indicate that Blinky is specifically designed to provide friendship to its masters.

The parents scream in horror as Blinky asks if he has "done good". He lets two officers into the house, and shuts the door behind them.