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At the Grand Prix Final in FukuokaJapan, the French won the bronze medal, their fifth medal at the event, and then ended with their fifth national title. They were 7th at the Worlds. Nathalie and Fabian at World Championships.

They then finished 4th at Worlds with new personal best scores in the compulsory dance, the free dance, and overall. At the Europeansthey were second in the free dance and fourth overall, missing out on a medal by less than half a point.

There, they set a new personal best score in the free dance and won the bronze medal. On 9 JanuaryBourzat sustained a partial tear of the adductor muscle of his grantspub online dating leg, resulting in the team's withdrawal from the European Championships.

As soon as he feels a move, he can reproduce it and interpret it. The duo competed at the Winter Olympicswhere they came in 18th. Bourzat said, "Traveling there was not a political act at all.

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Their next competition was the French Championshipswhere they won bourzat pechalat dating advice third national title. She has worked as a commentator and figure skating consultant for Eurosport France sincecommentating at Grand Prix, Championship, and Olympic events. She broke her arm in and missed six weeks of skating during her three-month recovery.

They did not qualify for the — Grand Prix Final. They won the small bronze medal for the free dance. At the age of ten, she switched to ice dancing after her coach, Anne Sophie Druet, suggested she was suited for the discipline and her son was looking for a partner.

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They followed this by winning French nationals for the second time in their career. He does not need to intellectualize. They made some changes to their programs following their 3rd-place finish at Skate Canada, [15] and finished a close second at the NHK Trophy, winning both the original dance and the free dance.

They made their Worlds debut infinishing 20th, and their Europeans debut inplacing 12th. She brings her extraordinary capacity to work. They produced France's fifth ice dancing European title.

He ended their partnership. From tothey also worked with Pasquale Camerlengo.

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They withdrew from the European Championships to focus on the Olympics. She always wants to do everything perfectly. We came as open-minded people, who wanted to discover and exchange. They came away with their second World bronze medal.

They then retired from competition but said they would continue performing together in shows for one or two years. Prior to the final, Bourzat suffered an ankle injury, but they were able to skate well enough to earn their first GPF medal, a bronze.

She obtained a BSc degree in sports management and later pursued graduate studies at Management School of Lyon. It was their first ever medal at an ISU Championship.

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He works through feeling and inspiration. These results qualified them for their second Grand Prix Final. Their results qualified them for the Grand Prix Finalwhere they won the silver medal.

They were forced to miss the French National Championships after Bourzat underwent knee surgery for a torn meniscus, [12] but returned to the ice in time for the Europeansfinishing 5th.

They finished 5th at Worlds. Their relationship began in