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Considering how prevalent iPod devices have become as part of the way we listen to music, specifically with higher-end solutions like the WADIA and Krell iPod docs now on the market, the Bryston 2B SST today is more relevant of an amp than ever before. We were also particularly impressed by the grip that you get in the bottom end.

The only problem with the 28B SST2 is that it's the company's most ambitious power amp to date and as a consequence, it's very expensive. The full harmonic structure of each instrument or voice is presented in a highly natural and convincing manner. The amps are extremely revealing and assured for the asking price and the longer we listened, the better they got.

The amps are extremely good at revealing the depth of a note. The 2B SST2 is the latest incarnation of Bryston's entry-level stereo power amplifier, a model that has been around since Margaret Thatcher first took office, but now offers twice its original power output at watts into eight ohms.

This means that our test subject power amp, the 2B SST2, has much of its bigger brother's sophistication, without the prohibitive expense.

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This pre-amp sits right in the middle of the Bryston range Changes to the 2B brought about by SST2 technology include a new soft-start power switch, an RF filter on the input and higher input impedance. First released to the public inthe Bryston 2B is an absolute workhorse of a stereo power amplifier that has successfully powered many of the most demanding speakers ever designed.

Taking the timing ability a step further, we assessed the amps by putting together a system stacked with kit that times particularly well.

The result gives bigger voices, a little more space, slight veiling but similar dynamics. Slotting in the Brystons just gave us more of what we were already hearing - on-the-money timing plus depth of tone. It's the sort of combination that makes you want to dispense with preamplifiers altogether and live on the single-source edge.

Our Bowers and Wilkins Ds presented no load problems to the Brystons but did, perhaps, highlight our 'pro audio' findings: The slightly bright high-frequency response that is characteristic of all Bryston amps is part of the appeal to its loyal fan base. While niewinny flirt graphic quite as open as the best in class, the amps are extremely revealing through the midband, producing entirely convincing imaging with genuine solidity of stereo.

Firstly, the combination's slightly 'pro audio' sound and secondly, how remarkably powerful the 2B SST2 is given that it's the base model in the range.

Bryston 2B SST Stereo Amplifier Reviewed

No spam, we promise. It shares the same casework as Bryston's B integrated and has the same preamp section. Using the 2B SST2 with an impressive MSB Technology transport and DAC which has its own volume control, reveals that it's a propulsive powerhouse that can deliver a degree of realism that is positively electric with a serious source.

You can choose to add four optical inputs to the BP, effectively making this a BPDA Other features include a full-size headphone socket, balance control, mute and a volt trigger.

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The combination of delicacy, bass prowess and transparency through the midband combined with the great timing it delivers really is the icing on a very special cake. But being based on an integrated, it doesn't have a balanced preamp output to match the input on all Bryston power amps, which seems odd.

Noise and THD have been lowered, too and capacitors in the input and feedback loop have been upgraded. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.

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Today's Bryston 2B SST version is still packing watts per channel into eight-ohm impedance loads, but now boasts lower signal to noise ratios than past units, with balanced and unbalanced operation, as well as a greatly improved industrial design.

The Brystons even go as far as making more affordable amps seem thin at high frequencies, suggesting that the company's claims about attention being paid in this area has wrought useful returns.

The Bryston 2B SST on all accounts breathes more energy and life into those often flat-sounding recordings. In standard trim, the preamp has six line inputs and a tape loop effectively seven inputsplus there is the option of adding four digital inputs to make it a BP16DA, and also an MM-only phono stage BP16P.

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Certainly this is a simpler and sometimes cheaper option if done correctly. This is an amp that will last a lifetime and is manufactured to amazingly high tolerances, especially internally.

Page 1 Page 2 The Bryston 2B is a true audiophile classic. Unlike the BP16, the 2B SST2 has balanced as well as single-ended inputs the sensitivity of which can be changed between one and two volts — the standard one-volt setting offering six decibels of extra gain.

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Interestingly, however, all of the relevant subjective comparisons we made with well-regarded and with more affordable amplifiers went distinctly in favour of the Canadian pairing, which speaks volumes for the design. Despite its no-nonsense appearance it uses software control to provide extra features, but keeps the signal within fully discrete, analogue class A circuitry.

The one volt setting is considered standard, but the two-volt option is said to offer lower noise and thus sound better, but it does require more gain from the preamp. So high bells have remarkable depth of tone and if some reverb has been added to the mix then the sound has even more body.

Remote handset is still silly expensive No balanced outputs on preamp Not the most stylish of components When we tested the Bryston 28B SST2 power amplifier last year, we were blown away by its effortless power and incredible resolution. The Bryston 2B is perfectly suited for use with today's high-resolution surround sound codecs when placed in a cutting edge 7.

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All components add some character in this situation and the BP16 did well to intrude so subtly given the flexibility that it brings to the party. In fact the duo itself isn't on the cheap side, but there is one market-leading factor built into the pricing and that's Bryston's legendary nukeproof build and outstanding year warranty and for that it deserves commendation.

Follow TechRadar reviews on Twitter: This allows Cohen's double-bass to stand out from the band and feel like it's in the room, an effect that's further exaggerated especially if you turn the wick up. At the same time they offer real driving power and excel in the bass and there's not a lot more you can ask of an amplifier at this price.

This figure increases to watts into four ohms and there is also the option of bridging the 2B SST2 to turn it into a watt monoblock! There is a delicacy to instruments that is unusual: Those with moving coil cartridges will have to add the external BP Fortunately, however, the SST2 technology developed for the 28B has now been trickled down into the rest of Bryston's power amp range.

Taking the BP16 on its own, we tried the variable output of Resolution Audio's opus 21 CD player to remove the preamp from the system, to see how it changes things when used.