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Through a series of documentary-style videos and other integrated content, including social media and native ads, TE Connectivity showed how its products can provide "racing greatness" for automotive and industrial businesses.

In one ad, an operator's arms extend outward and become a bulldozer.

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Gyro created characters made out of felt, representing internal organs such as the colon and spleen actually kind of cuteas well as foods such as french fries and carrots, in a print campaign called "Listen to Your Body.

Gyro San Francisco Campaign: The campaign focuses on the customer by showing how John Deere works with its operators to help build equipment; it provides an emotional connection with the target audience; and it has bold, creative visuals -- illustrating how man and machine are blended into one.

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The campaign includes video, print, out-of-home, social and events, including the Paris Air Show. Partners and Napier Campaign: In another ad, a machine operator's arm morphs into a backhoe.

So RTS Rieger Team created a series of ads featuring miniature characters who pop up in everyday situations, from appearing inside a medicine cabinet to landing on a windshield.

The colorful, animated ads show a futuristic world, powered by sustainable technology. Delivered" These attention-grabbing print ads -- featuring black and white images of futurist cars, glowing paddleboards and other striking visuals -- were designed to reach C-suite executives and introduce Accenture Strategy, a new offering that brings together business and technology strategy.

In one video, a mini display adapter is portayed as a child having a tantrum because she doesn't want to project onto the screen.

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Or swear by equipment management. Swear at your fuel costs. Partners and Napier used non-traditional, creative elements to drive traffic to Tecgen's booth, from large glass display cases with the headline, "In case of emergency, shatter convention," to an ROI tool that showed how much money Tecgen could save fire departments.

Yes, and that was the point.

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One ad shows a couple sitting on the finger of a giant robot, overlooking a city powered by Toshiba wind turbines. The photographs are striking and creative, and really drive home the point of collaboration.

John Deere Construction Agency: The launch video, which brings futuristic technology to life, received over 2.

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