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Bumkey gain dating divas The only complaint I have was that every time she did drop the f-bomb, she was kind shaky.

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What is with the blood thing? Did she kill the guy?

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Like that one was passionate. I always thought he was a rapper, but he has a pretty good singing voice. This one, they are fighting while doing it. Overall, the song was quite nice and pretty amazing.

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Now, the ending is a little confusing. Something 3d2 dating game trouble me. Like wow, great way to start. As for the music video, is it getting hot in here? And like every other person, I became surprised from the title.

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But her new title track is still pretty good in my books. Gain, the maknae of hot band Brown Eyed Girls, is back with a new mini album.

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She has been known for her many other singles including Bloom and Irreversible. Or did he kill her? Anyway, her duet with Bumkey is really good.

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I did not take her that seriously, and every time she swears, I have to giggle. Also the shower curtain scene, looked a lot like the Human Centipede.

Now, as I said above, I would not have expected the song title of this song, and neither did I expect her to dress the f-bomb throughout the song like that. This song is pretty amazing.

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Now she is back and once again is making headlines for her new pre release single. Why is this song making headlines, I hear you ask… Try rereading the title. Her husky voice really matches this song and it gives more meaning to the song every time she swears.

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But hey, it was a song, and I liked it. Why is that there?

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They were getting ready, but the moment they have eye contact, Gain just pushes away. I also like how at the end, she changes from the FxxK U to Love You, which really adds that extra meaning to the video.

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Actually, so amazing, I think it is much better than her title track at this very moment. I wonder if she even knows what the word means?

Download [Mini Album] GAIN – Truth Or Dare [3rd Mini Album] (MP3 + iTunes Plus AAC M4A)

I liked this song more than her new song. Though, she officially made her comeback yesterday, I only started to review her songs today, so… Anyway. Always knew that Gain would go for the edgy type of comeback, but never thought it was that far.