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Canon s100 review uk dating, introduction

The S has mild-to-moderate barrel distortion at its wide-angle position.

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What would make more sense, I argued in the S95 review, would be to require a press on the EV button to activate the EV control, as it is on nearly all other cameras.

Click the mode wheel around to each subsequent setting and the name and icons of said mode appears on the camera's LCD with, in some cases, a brief text description of the best application for the particular mode.

While these arguably spoil the clean aesthetic of the earlier S95, they certainly give your middle finger and thumb canon s100 review uk dating very positive to press against and make the S easier to grip than its predecessor.

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We rated Luminar as "Highly Recommended". It is stored in QuickTime format for easy upload to your computer and the Web, and looks quite good.

Even when switching between menus and changing settings, the S never lags behind. You would think you were at Niagra Falls based on the sound levels. I went into playback mode and used the removal tool there to get rules of engagement online dating of the red.

Even though it did have some limitations, the S90 was a great camera and Canon has simply been improving it with each release.

S100 Summary

Take the video above for example. You get a nine-option shooting mode dial up top with full compliment of manual and auto settings, next to a raised shutter release surrounded by a lever for zoom adjustment. But if you look very closely with a light just at the right angle, you'll see that it's a complex curved surface, resembling still water after a drop has disappeared into its surface.

Let's take a trip through our standard tests and find out.

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Compared to its predecessor, the S has undergone some radical changes, sporting a completely revamped feature set. There's also full use of the optical zoom and thankfully continuous auto-focusing too, plus super slow-motion options x pixels at fps or x pixels at fpsall adding up to a marked improvement on the S95's rather poor video capabilities.

The new High-speed Burst HQ scene mode allows you to shoot at 9. While the battery and card compartment will be blocked when mounted on a tripod, I prefer a centralised thread than one towards the corner, as Panasonic insists on using, even on the LX5.

I tried capturing an image of the lens surface, and this is the best one I could get.

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Small cameras are not always fun for me, but the S is actually a joy to use. Even with both of those turned on, I still got pretty strong redeye.

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No spam, we promise. Do I wish it was slightly bigger? A typical scene shooting mode offers 14 specific options and a creative filter palette offers an additional 10 effects. The S is fast in almost every way. As I mentioned in the other reviews, the 3-inch LCD is gorgeous, almost to a fault.


Setting -1 EV captured the real light at hand, with the flower in sunlight while the rest of the plant was in deep shadow. ISO performance is also fairly good for a compact camera. To that end, Canon has gone all-out when developing the replacement for the older PowerShot S The extra weight should actually help you to keep the camera steady when taking photos, but will be noticed if you are used to carrying a plastic camera.

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The S is the follow-on to the S95 and closer inspection reveals some fairly serious hardware and performance features as well. The EOS M is by no means the cheapest route into interchangeable lens photography, but Canon will be hoping that for Instagramers and smartphone upgraders it is the most appealing.

First, it'll fire the AF-assist lamp a second or two before the photo is taken, with the goal of shrinking your subject's pupils. Alternatively you can set it to Standard, which configures it for context-sensitive operation, whereupon the function changes depending on the current mode or status of the camera.

The Canon PowerShot S100 is the latest premium digital compact camera to emerge

You can also set the rate of change, from Slow to Standard to Fast. While there's no obvious GPS control, this is activated or deactivated by drilling down into the camera's set up menu, so for those wanting to conserve battery life there's the option to leave it off.

More Digital Camera reviews: Canon moved the stereo microphones from their former locations left and right of the lens near the bottom of the S95's front to left and right of the shutter release button higher up.

This suggests that the S can be used as readily by beginners as more seasoned digital camera users, the variety of shooting options to be found on the mode dial allowing first timers to move beyond their initial comfort zone as familiarity with the camera's workings grows over time.

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And frankly, with the S95 among my choices when heading out the door, I've had a hard time grabbing the S for this review. That's despite the small-ish sensor and the fact that the lens on the front cannot be swapped. Ease of Use The new Canon PowerShot S is outwardly very similar to the S95 model that it replaces, so some of the comments that we made in that review apply equally to the S, but there's also a lot of changes that have taken place internally, with a brand new Canon-made image sensor, Digic 5 processor and 5x zoom lens.

Does the lens ruin the camera?

Canon PowerShot S100

The Canon S also uses a different battery, the 3. I take it as one of the compromises necessary for a small, quality camera; but truly, fast should be part of the quality equation.

Physical appearance may have something to do with it. I used the Imatest software suite to measure the camera's sharpness and image noise performance.