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Its starting to get cold out. The next point in the UHC stream he pointed out was when we were in the nether and Anderz was enchanting my pants and said, "Give me your pants aurey, that sounded so bad, I'm sorry Sparklez I'm undressing your woman!

He had two photos of us from when we went to disneyland and pointed out that Jordan and I going on the rides and holding hands. I started to smile. Okay I'm a little drunk so sorry if I say anything weird.

After we beat the map we decided to do a lucky block battle. Your very good at PvP.

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We grabbed some drinks on the way there. Do you no her?

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I clicked on the first one. All this proof and support to have a ship be real. Are you having a moment?

Jordan and I are just friends. Everyone that was playing any way. Good thing it was.

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S" Welcome everyone to the ultra sleepover! It was by a guy who said that he loved both of our channels and was excited because we were dating. We would play hunger games then James ,uberhaxornova, got a parkour map.

HIGH STAKES: Replica - Aureylian, CaptainSparklez, HwnT

Sa" Don't worry we don't need them. The first one was when we were in the cave and donations were coming in and someone used Jordans name. M" James your mine. Then I saw a comment saying " I have proof you're dating, can you just announce it?

If they have a girlfriend don't make them do something with another girl. People really wanted us to be a couple.

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Sa" Okay these are the rules. Eventually everyone went to the computer room and got on a computer.

Aureylian dating

The girls and Mark were cheering for me when the rest of the guys were cheering for him. Then I saw Jordan far ahead. Then we played minecraft. He pointed out that Jordan and I were on the same team and that there was two specific points in the stream where it made it seem we were dating.

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I knew a lot of people thought it was weird that we were 5 years apart in age, but I had seen a comment once to commbate that saying," My parents are 12 years apart, Moms the older one". Now why are you 2 out here when the party is in there?

There was soda, juice, water and beer. I went back to the comment and clicked on the next video.

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Adam truth or dare? The one thing I had that he didn't was the Lucky Sword. Lots of us just kept falling.

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I started to laugh. Everyone agreed to it except Mark and James. C" Hey are you alright? It was by the same guy and this time was about the UHC charity livestream.

He mastered all most everything we did that night on the computer. We played some Counter Strike which I wasn't very good at.

KittyKapture - (8) 1-4 players - Played by CaptainSparklez and Aureylian

I was looking at the comments in my latest collab with Jordan and saw the usual, " Are you dating? Sa" Ha Adam I got you now.

He pointed out that I had said," Aww thanks bae". We got to break 64 lucky blocks then battle to the death.

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I won after all the fighting. I didn't even know he had a server. Now who's going first? We both drink alcohol so we didn't care what we grabbed.

We went on Jordan's server Mineplex. He would fall off once and awhile but he just got back up to where he was.