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All Litz constructions will exhibit some skin effect due to the limitations of stranding.

Cardas Litz Wire

Now you have to remove the enamel which bubbled to the surface, and hardened. Clips are Gold Plated. Instead, heat the strands until you see the enamel bubbling out. A soldering pot will also work, but you will have to wait several minutes for the pot to heat up.

The first consideration in any design regarding Litz wire is the operating frequency. The operating frequency not only influences the actual construction details of the copper magnet wire, but is also used to determine the individual strand size of the Litz wire construction.

Cardas Litz Wire Conductors

Rectangular aspect ratios up to 8 to 1 provide high power densities. Each fine teflon coated wire is made up of 1 is all shook up musical appropriate strand with 5 42 Ga. When soldering to the binding post, take off the nut.

Then click "update qty" to lock it in. This fine teflon coated wire is made up of 1 40ga strand with 5 42 Ga.

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In many cases, Litz is insulated with an overall single or double wrap or serving, of a textile, but are also available unserved. Also available are Rutherford style cables including keystone shaped styles.

Now is the time to use the heavy soldering gun, holding the wire well away " if using enfj dating istp hand, or better yet, use a small vise. When heating with a flame, do not get the wire red hot!

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This may take two or three times and you will end up with a nice solid tinned end. This will burn the insulation and damage the copper.

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If the applications dictate special requirements for voltage breakdown or environmental protection, special film coatings on each individual strand are available as well as double and triple insulations overall to meet the requirements of UL and IEC and You will not find a more flexible tonearm wire.

Pure litz copper, 34 Ga total. Higher frequency ranges require more strands of a finer gauge size than Litz wires of equal cross sectional area but composed of fewer and larger strands. It will be dark in color. Also see our custom SL precut and tinned wire set below.

The Cardas hook up wire is to small to file or sand, and do not use a motorized wire wheel. Handles like a wet noodle. Each fine silicone coated wire is made up of 40 strands of 50 Ga.

Now put flux on the strands and twist them together. InNew England Wire Technologies became the first company in the United States to manufacture litz wire on a commercial basis.

Cardas Litz Wire Tonearm wire - Own Sound?

Complete Cardas headshell wire sets are on the accessories page in the headshell section. Round, square or rectangular shapes are manufactured to meet your needs. For ordering information, please call our technical sales staff at or contact New England Wire today! The nut absorbs lots of heat!

Typical applications for litz conductors include high frequency inductors and transformers, inverters, communication equipment, ultrasonic equipment, sonar equipment, radio and television equipment as well as induction heating.

We have a wide range of magnet wire films, textile serves, tape wraps, and extruded insulations to meet these many needs. Burning the enamel off is what I usually do first, especially if the wire is to small to file or sand.

To order more than one continuous foot, click the buy button and change the QTY to the number of continuous feet you require.

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It will take about 15 to 20 seconds for the rest of the enamel to bubble out. Increased efficiency Mitigation of skin and proximity effect Minimum eddy current losses Reduced footprint of final product Substantial weight reduction Avoidance of "hot spots" New England Wire Technologies is considered by many, the premier litz wire manufacturer in the industry.

It will not bind or cause arm motion due to twisting or insulation tension. Commonly used for point to point wiring in tube gear, these terminal boards make a great interconnection point between fine tonearm wires and the exiting cable.

Info on soldering Cardas Litz.

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You could damage the strands. Next, heat the strands with the gun tip hot with solder on the tip. Sold buy the foot. Usually we reccomend using the old ground wires over again, since they have no sonic impact.

Other insulations can also be used.

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Pure litz copper, 33 Ga total. It should break off with your finger nail or a small tool. Again, stop, cool, remove burnt enamel and solder again. Since then, we have designed and manufactured thousands of different constructions for use over the E.

Coded Red, Green, Blue, and White. These wires are ofter thinner overall than the wires of the Cardas tonearm cable below.

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Immediately stop heating and cool in alcohol, like the other member suggested. Feb Soldering Litz wire Those are some good suggestions except I recommend a soldering gun of to watts. But just in case you need a black wire, here it is. The enamels commonly used for insulating individual strands are Polyurethane and Polyurethane with a Nylon topcoat because of the low electrical losses and ease of solderability.

Order ground wire separately below.

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The benefits of using litz are: Sold buy the foot in sets of 4. It helps to put the flux on before twisting the strands so the flux is in the strands.