Cartoon Hook-Ups: Sonic and Sally Cartoon Hook-Ups: Sonic and Sally

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After subduing her, the clone shows Sonic the way to the Real Sally, who saves her before she was robotocized and run back to Knothole while putting the clone in Sally's place inside the roboticizer, overloading it and destroying the factory. SonicWhacker55 2 days ago Tails and Knuckles has a pool party with lots of fun and Sonic dating website profile questions for youth to join but he can't swim!

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Back in Knothole, Sally finds Tails sitting by the log and gives him the "funny kiss", proving to Tails that she's the real Sally Cartoon hook up sonic and sally deviantart more proof with the "scary witch voice".

On this vid a made, i would say 3: Hopefully that will unblock this video for everybody Il y a 8 ans This was a request from my friend Ryan. Find out who win this battle with SKStudios!

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This comic is about love with Sonic and Sally Goofs When Antoine helps Bunnie up, he pulls her arm out, and when Sonic arrives, she has it back. Shadow the Hedgehog, joins the fight.

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I Have Some Thoughts Thumbnail created by Lethal AuroraMage Sonic then, finds out that the SWAT-bot factory was still online and decides to go back and redo the mission. Sonic and Sally's wedding. Want to send me something? Il y a 4 ans Thank you Thank you Thank you all!!

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Il y a 6 ans un video donde sally canta llamanos sonic pero version ingles [no se muestra a sally. While at the SWAT-bot factory, Sonic does the special handshake that he and Sally do, and finds out that Tails was telling the truth, that it wasn't Sally.

Then the clone reads a book to Tails and asks her to do the scary witch voice but refused and walked off. What can Sonic do? As he continues his search, he hears Il y a 7 ans dhim.

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After Sonic informs that it's detonated and realized that Sally didn't retreat tries to go back for her, but Bunnie tells him he needs a power ring if he's going to save Sally. Follow-up to another reasonably popular Sonic short from me because I'm the one I will take a small break before I even start Episode 5.

Sonic and the cloned Sally returned to Knothole.

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While in bed, Tails sees the cloned Sally and he sees the eyes glow red and finds out that it wasn't the real Sally. Before going to the factory, Tails tries to tell Sonic that it wasn't the real Sally, Sonic thought Tails had a nightmare and ran off.

Il y a 6 ans This is my first sonic and Sally video please comment, subscribe, and rate. Meanwhile, Robotnik creates a clone of Sally to use to try to destroy Knothole. Sonic gets the power ring the next day and rescues Sally, but doesn't realize that it was the clone that Robotnik created.

With the villagers also claiming stolen items, Sonic must find the real thief in Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game Please like and fav for more!

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Il y a 8 ans This was a request anyway i hope you like it. Part 4 Sonic the Hedgehog Month ago Ray the Flying Squirrel has been looking for his best friend, Mighty the Armadillo, but he can't find him anywhere!

Il y a 2 ans Yo, what's up babycakes? I had to mute one song where Sonic and Sally danced since it claim copyright. Eggman, Sonic and Friends are transported to the human world where Sonic is rescued by a boy named Tails found out he didn't get the "Funny Kiss" on the nose that Sally usually gives him.

Thx for watching, If u enjoy it give me a like and subscribe for more. There are no voice but the sound from windows 98 shutdown.

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Eggman is missing his particle accelerator and all evidence points to Sonic. Eggman decides to band together with all of Sonic's enemies.

Thanks The Last Alpha.