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Displaying 1 to 60 of watches Display. We value our customers, and our priority is to offer the best price on every watch we sell. Surprisingly lightweight — almost all are within grams — the last thing if you ever encounter you will feel is zero pain on the wrist or irritation on the skin, even after prolonged hours of wearing, under any circumstance, under any weather condition.

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The store stocks the best and most sought after Casio Edifice watches for man and women. The Casio Analog watches chiefly belong to the Edifice collection, their specialty being a solid, rock hard, stainless steel case and an overall sturdy and attractive built.

Those who buy Casio Edifice timepieces from the store are assured that they are authentic, reliable and will stand the test of time. We also offer free shipping in New Zealand and have flexible layby payment options.

Casio Digital

These typically have a two to three-hand configuration with an entirely LCD dial or two or more LCD windows, each dedicated to a particular purpose. Precision being their middle name, the Casio Analog Watches are one of the wings of the brand that brought it recognition and fame in the fashion world.

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No way they look like every other cheap and flimsy digital quartzes flooding the market; they create a classic aura around your outfit and perfect for any man or woman who wants to merge a sporty look within a sophisticated demeanour. As a leading watch store in New Zealand is that they assure all their clients that they deliver on what they promise.

They sell these watches in different designs, colors, size, and build material.

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This displays our commitment to providing our clients with quality products without holding back. Also, we are committed to providing our clientele with exceptional service and gratification which is why we have the lowest price guarantee program.

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This is also where the large displays come handy; they are not just there to match your favourite jeans and tee or just for the sake of mere fashion. Apart from selling the Casio sophisticated line of Edifice watches, they also stock the ever dependable Casio G shock.

It also demonstrates that we regard variety and have gained the approval of these renowned brands.

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Lifestyle 15 Downloads Summary: Their Casio watches are available in different designs, colors, sizes and build material. Through this program, our clienteles are guaranteed to receive the best deals through us on any timepiece they buy from our store.