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Mr President, as the world faces an economic downturn of unknown proportions, the value of the pound sterling is falling against the dollar and the euro.

The rates paid for scrap metal, paper and bottles made of synthetic materials are falling dramatically.

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If we went down that path we would certainly be entering very dangerous territory. It was a stormy day, and the snow was falling fast. On the global financial markets, the value of the euro keeps falling every day.

Now he is himself falling into the trap that he thought others would be falling into and got a taste of his own medicine. As snow continues to fall peace on Earth has ended after one short year. This page cayendo o cayendo yahoo dating powered by the Spanish Sentences Builder Listed below are some of the most common sentences viewed on this site: While the snow keeps falling outside, Inside I keep writing The demand price choice of love dating low-skilled work in the developed world is falling.

It is always difficult to talk about tobacco, for we always end up falling into the trap of populism.

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The baby was falling from the couch. Nuestro objetivo debe ser no dejar que el nivel de desempleo siga cayendo. The calls by the world community for an immediate ceasefire are falling on deaf ears. A lo largo de medio siglo, las barreras para los productos han ido cayendo, pero, en buena medida, estas barreras siguen en pie para los consumidores.

Throughout the last half century, trade barriers have been breaking down for products, but largely these barriers still stand for the consumers.

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We are going through the same situation that the doctor is going through. I have the feeling that that country is gradually being relegated to oblivion.

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Miren toda esa bella nieve cayendo. We were falling from the tree. Production figures continue to fall.

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Algo sobre la nieve cayendo en junio y el sol yendo alrededor de la luna. We are falling down from the tree. Y no debe usted moverse cual funambulista en el alambre, pues el sino del funambulista es acabar cayendo.

The elderly man is falling into a depression.

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You could see the snow falling outside Of course there will be events and developments that crowd in on us. There's nothing more frightful than snow falling in the temple. Europe is financing its ambitions by indulging in words.

And snow will continue to fall more or less continuously for the next 22 months. The euro is toppling, but this can be attributed mainly to the public debate among capital cities, which is giving the impression that we cannot reach a solution.

This revenue is falling due to the many exemptions granted to manufacturers.

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Even if prices are now falling again the damage has been done. It is that, for fifteen years, the proportion of development aid devoted to agriculture has been consistently falling.

You haven't slept for days because the God forsaken snow keeps on falling. Employment rates are dropping in both Greece and Germany.

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I took him to the window, and I could see in the streetlight snow coming down. The helicopter is falling down without control. She is falling slowly with the parachute. The cheque does remain within the scope of the transparency section of the Regulation, which is stipulated in Article 4.

Being in love with Natasha, the snow is also falling. The child is falling out of bed. There is also nothing to be proud of when you look at the fur price among the Inuits, which is falling.

This means that it is a matter of who is going to buy expensive vehicles in a situation where consumption is falling and we are heading into recession.

We are not getting through, and new snow keeps on coming. Yes, he certainly is. It would not acceptable for all sheep and cows soon to have to leave the green fields through laxness at European borders. Moreover, there are over 10 empty dwellings, which are not cared for and which are falling down.

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You must not walk on a tightrope because, as we all know, tightrope-walkers are doomed to fall one day. Home Spanish Sentences Maker cayendo lang: Tengo la idea de que Birmania ha ido cayendo progresivamente en el olvido.

Sales are down, stocks are increasing, and redundancy announcements are multiplying. First Greece fell, now Ireland is falling, and behind them are Portugal and Spain.

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Look at all that beautiful, white stuff come down. In his view, when the Commission exercises its right of initiative, it is engaging in populism. The slopes are amazing, the snow keeps falling and