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It is by no means as sexy or as thrilling as the opening scene to " Basic Instinct " but very similar in mixing eroticism with murder and actually does a good job of concealing who the killer is. Thank u for sharing!


You are singing now with the angels. But "Flirting with Danger" is a TV movie and suffers from some typical TV movie problems from over acting to corny dialogue which is less than convincingly delivered. While waiting tables on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, Carpenter was discovered by a commercial agent who promptly recommended she continue charisma carpenter flirting with danger video clip acting school.

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And that is the thing about "Flirting with Danger" because it uses a similar type of idea to "Basic Instinct" with Rafe getting close to a woman who could be the killer and as such you constantly have that comparison in mind. The biggest problem is it ends up very manufactured with far too many good looking people who spend an inordinate amount of time half undressed, half undressed does not make sexy even when it is beautiful people.

Could it be work not by appointment back then? Karen had and will always have the angelic voice we love!!!

Carpenters - thank you rock and roll (1978 television appearance)

There will never be another star like you she sounds amazing, but you can see her ribs when she leans forward: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a teen-oriented horror comedy series based on 's much less successful movie of the same name.

Off screen, Carpenter enjoys a variety of outdoor activities -- rock climbing, horseback riding, biking, and rollerblading, to name a few -- and spending time with her son. Jul 23, Birthplace: With the help of his cop friend Gloria Victoria Sanchez he starts to investigate but certain things make him suspicious of his new girlfriend Laura Charisma Carpenter - Deadly Sibling Rivalry as some mysterious faxes have come from one of the businesses she owns.

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I like her drumming too. But whilst inferior it is surprisingly watchable, keeping you interested by the mystery rather than the good looking people who spend too much time half undressed.

Seven long years after dedicating herself to acting, Carpenter managed to land a starring role on prime-time soap guru Aaron Spelling's Malibu Shores opposite Keri Russell. InCarpenter's agent found the then very much aspiring actress two separate auditions for a role the same show: The other problem, and a completely typical one, is when the mystery is solved you try to piece it all together and the gigantic plot holes start to reveal themselves getting ever bigger and bigger.

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Carpenter had somewhat drastically changed her career plans after her graduation, when she moved to San Diego and took on a series of odd jobs, ranging from a video clerk to a member of the San Diego Chargers' cheerleading squad, in hopes of funding a college education.

But in fairness they also do a reasonable job of playing their parts, yes some of the dialogue makes their delivery corny but they play their characters well, especially Charisma Carpenter who does sexy and dangerous quite nicely.

Yet it also holds its own, yes it is a bit corny in places but it keeps you wondering as to who the killer is as along the way there are others who are suspicious. She is also one of my very favorite singers, and Richard is one of my favorite arrangers and composers.

Aside from that well there is the cast which includes Charisma Carpenter, James Thomas and Victoria Sanchez all of which are very good looking. Though her family moved to Mexico inthe fast-paced, entertainment-laden Las Vegas atmosphere had already had a profound effect on a then year-old Charisma -- so much so that she embarked on an hour-long, daily commute to San Diego, where she attended the prestigious School of the Performing Arts.

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It is a real shame that she did not stop here, what a shame. Her penchant for show business piqued once again, Carpenter decided to test her chops at the reputable Playhouse West, where she spent 18 months honing her skills. My sister had anorexia, awful thing to watch happen, though fortunately she recovered.

Every time I see and hear them, I know why Carpenters are my number 1 ever David Overton Hard to believe that she didn't have 5 more years to live after this, but hopefully her recordings will live forever.

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Though the series couldn't last forever, Carpenter continued to act after its cancellation. It looks like it was drawn on with a marker!

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Though Charisma Carpenter refers to her first name as an "absolute curse" it was derived from an ill-conceived Avon perfume lineit certainly hasn't proved detrimental to her career.

The non-aspiring actress was hoping to become an English teacher. That's why I think so, no loud, no orchesta, only piano and voice.

Flirting with Danger (2006) on Vidimovie

Richard plays excellent either, and I love to heard him singing Donna and more. KC may GOD bless your soul. The show, however, was short-lived, and Carpenter was once again left with no solid job of which to speak, despite sporadic appearances on Boy Meets World and Pacific Blue.

While there, Carpenter appeared in series of commercials, though her first true television role wouldn't occur until much later, inwhen she made a guest appearance on Baywatch. Like a twig Allen Albright I hate to bring up looks,but she looked super hot at this point.

One of the auditions was for Buffy, the intrepid vampire slayer, while the other was for Cordelia Chase, snooty high school student extraordinaire.

Charisma carpenter flirting with danger - Video Dailymotion

She always did it perfect! It is so frustrating that no one knew how to help Karen at that time. So popular was her role that inwhen the Buffy spin-off Angel was launched, Carpenter was able to continue and expand the role.

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What this all boils down to is that "Flirting with Danger" comes across as a TV movie take on the "Basic Instinct" style erotic thriller, tamed down for TV audiences.

To the eventual delight of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans nationwide, however, this wasn't to be.

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Carpenter remained active the mids, and continued to find success playing characters with some sort of supernatural ability as indicated by her appearances on the television shows Charmed and Supernatural.

They were brilliant,but wow she looks so good here. As fate would have it, Sarah Michelle Gellar would win the part of Buffy, while Carpenter would ignite many an Internet fan site as Cordelia.

She looks sexy as hell. She is a one in 50 million kind of talent. Born in Las Vegas, NV, Carpenter had exhibited an interest in the performing arts by the age of five, when she began studying classical ballet.

The actress played the girlfriend of a mercenary Jason Statham in 's The Expendables, and reprised the role for The Expendables 2